GT5 DLC Locked To Single PSN Account

[drop2]If it’s not online passes spoiling the fun, it’s something else – and in this case it’s Sony’s decision to lock down the Gran Turismo 5 DLC to a single PSN account, the one that actually activated the purchase.

In the past, most PSN purchases have been accessible to all users on the console, and in some cases even being able to be shared (regardless of the legal ramifications, it’s technically possible) – but this latest trick goes one step further.


Basically, if you buy the DLC (which features a new track, amongst other items) it’s tied down to the account used to make the purchase.

No sub account will be able to use it, so that locks out your kids, housemates etc. not to mention some people, including myself, make all purchases with a different account than they use to play online, for a number of reasons.

This isn’t a mistake – it’s mentioned right here on the Gran Turismo site.  “The DLC released on October 18th is tied to the Account ID used to purchase the DLC. It is not possible to use the DLC with accounts other than the one that was used to make the actual purchase.”

“Therefore,” it continues, “please make sure to purchase the DLC with the account that is used to play Gran Turismo 5.”

Understandably, this hasn’t gone down very well with consumers caught out by the strange limitations, with setting up a petition and gaming forum NeoGAF users are also up in arms.

It doesn’t seem necessary and it certainly doesn’t seem fair.  Polyphony, Sony, we urge you to rethink this rather draconian decision.

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  1. Guess this is Kaz’s surprise for you all.

    • this really isn’t his fault or pd’s. as you can tell by his tweets.

      Resolving the problem with using the DLC on multiple accounts, is not simple. it would be best if we could attribute the entitlement to use the DLC items to multiple accounts in the same PS3, but there is nothing like that in the PSN setup, and we can only assign the entitlements per User ID. There just isn’t a good solution for this I can think of. The entitlement to these non-onetime DLC’s can’t be attributed to the PS3 console.

  2. and I thought my F1 Qualifying PR disaster was bad 0_e

  3. If this is where Sony are heading with online passes and DLC they can go and fornicate with a quack. I will not part with money for anything that I am restricted from using how I wish on my own equipment which I paid for.

  4. If this is the way forward for Sony then I for one will not buy anything that is locked that way.

  5. I think they are doing the right thing. I remembered someone asked me to chip in Call od Duty map packs as that person has created one account just for game sharing only and gives out details to friends to download a DLC and you give him/her something similar in return!
    But yes I know it will annoy others who have partners/kids/flatmates etc…. using the same PS3 with different accounts I agree, but everyone is gamesharing nowadays. I have just only one account so I cannot complain.

    • Surely there is another way though, lock it down to a machine (that can be chnaged when the YLOD strikes)so that both me and my girlfriend can have the same game experience with having to pay double.

      • Great idea, although that would annoy anyone with two ps3’s.. System lock seems the best way though..

      • There is no other way… and don’t call me Shirley.

    • Yeah, i see what you are saying Del, but i don’t see why honest people should have to pay twice to use the same content on one console.

      I don’t have GT5 & have no intention of getting it or it’s DLC, but i know for a fact that if i dod, i would be a tad peeved if me & the wife could not both play on the DLC that i purchased.

    • *dod = did

    • My problem with this would be that I import my games from the UK and therefore have to buy DLC with my UK PSN account. I play all my games with my German account because I have all my trophies there. I’m sure there are people out there with a similar setup. Sucks for them. Good thing I sold GT5 a while ago.

      • Someone on my friends list lives in one of the eastern european nations (can’t remember which) and they have no PSN store there, though they can game online etc. He has seperate accounts, similarly to yourself, so he can pick up DLC for games he likes etc.

    • But Del, that is punishing all consumers because of the actions of a tiny minority. Surely that is wrong, no?

  6. If this is the way ahead then it’s the end of the old way of downloading non region locked cheaper stuff from the US store using your US account to use on the same console with your UK account.
    I agree with them locking the DLC to a console’s MAC Address to prevent game sharing but still allow sub account sharing but this new method of locking to a username Sucks Bricks! :(

  7. Well if you want to race your kids on the Spa you can do it split screen on your account. Besides, it’s the best for the kids right? Stop being a selfish bastard and just buy on theirs alone

  8. Apart from writers using different accounts for reviewing games, I really struggle to see why the ordinary public would buy on one account and play on another….? Could someone enlighten me please!

    • Because in my house we have one PS3 with two accounts on it (mine and the GF) why on earth can she not play the same games as me? Surely it is not that hard to get your head around?

      • Just let her use your account, what’s the big deal? Do separate campaign saves or help each other

      • Because up until this point the other person (son for instance) may have been happily playing and developing his GT career on his account, building his nice little collection of cars etc. Not to mention his trophies (for those who chase ’em).

        Now all of a sudden he has to abandon all that to use the new stuff and use his fathers account instead? Seems a little unreasonable to me.

    • One console in the house with more than one family member having an account on the machine…..would mean having to buy the DLC for each persons account that wants to use it… one example.

      • Right, ok. That makes sense. Consider me enlightened! Although, as Deathbrin points out, you could always do a separate game save, old skool style.

      • You could create seperate manual saves yes, but in some games the only save possible is via an autosave, so each of you would keep overwriting the others progress.

        Plus, my wife likes to earn her own trophies on her own profile, so it would rule her out of that too.

      • and for online play you don’t want to play on somebody else’s account.

      • True, trophies are important.

        You don’t have to purchase this DLC to play it online though

      • Have to admit that I’d rather have a ginger perm with a sporty bouffant than let any family members or friends have have access to my online wallet, friends list etc. :O(

  9. While this may be a minus to the DLC, no one is reporting in the big plus side! You can play it online without having to purchase it and thus not fragmenting the online community. If you host and someone hasn’t bought it, they can still race :)

    • That is awesome. Someone invite me to spa this weekend so I can ‘Test’ the track out! ;) The DFGT is being set up this weekend ready for F1 and GT5 :D

      • Yes, it’s really good. Both in terms of not segregating, not being a pain and showcasing the DLC.

  10. I’m not really bothered about it being locked to one account. The paints all being one-use-only, requiring you to buy more with actual money… that is pretty bloody lame. (same for the cars, if you wanted more than one)

    • They say you can’t buy the cars though?

    • That’s just funny – it’s not like you are actually buying a physical spray job for a real car. There is no further incurred cost to the dev/publisher for further usage of purchased “virtual” paints so how on earth can further monetary cost to the consumer be justified?

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