World of Warcraft “Annual Pass” Announced

You might want to put off that 12-month World of Wacraft sub renewal as Blizzard is offering a solution which could net you a trio of gaming goodies.

Signing up for the WoW “annual pass” (which seems to follow the current subscription rate of £8.99) won’t just land you a year-long Azeroth visa, but an exclusive flying mount, Mists of Pandaria beta invite and even a free copy of Diablo III.

Source: World of Warcraft Official Website



  1. That sounds excellent! It’s a shame I’m not several years younger otherwise I would be all over this deal and at that time be enjoying WoW anyway. I don’t play it now because I felt that I had done as much as I wanted to do in the game and anything more would be dull. I think I stopped at lvl 78 but my account got hacked a year later and I now have a lvl 80 character instead :) fancy that..

  2. I will be getting this, I pay for it all year round, so its well worth me getting this. Plus the mount looks really good and I wanted to get diablo, so this is a must.

  3. Sounds like they’re getting worried that people are losing interest and are trying to hook people in. I quit WoW a few months ago (again) and it’s amazing how much free time i have now!

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