TheSixthAxis Dance Central 2 Rocky Megamix

You may remember this. The video, taken by Dan when Kris was reluctantly dragged on stage to demo Dance Central at last year’s Eurogamer Expo, has been a popular meme for TSA staff to torture Kris with.

In fact, it’s pretty impossible to be even a casual reader of TSA and not have seen that video. This is largely down to the fact that writers tend to either link to, or embed, that video any time Dance Central is mentioned. It is a funny video though. Poor Kris.

But now, out of the darkness, comes something new: this video – Kris returns for TSA vs Dance Central, round deux. Enjoy.

This video stars Kristian Lipscombe as “Dance Central Guy”.

It was imagined by Kris and Peter, shot and directed by Peter (with extra footage from Tuffcub), expertly edited by Josh and the music was remixed and provided by Tuffcub. I’ve no idea how we’re going to better it next year.



  1. Almost in tears hahaha! What a good sport :p

  2. Brilliant, all credit to Kris for having the balls to do that in a public place :)

  3. Run Kris Run
    I would have join you ^^ don’t care what people think =P
    Next Video more TSA Staff dancing Thirller Night!

  4. Awesome! Now this is what makes TSA rise well above the rest, not just the excellent features, reviews, gossip, forums and meets but, an ability to not take one’s self too seriously. An ability to have a right good laugh!

    10/10 to Kris! Top running scenes!
    10/10 to TC for the tune – love the ‘…dance now!” echos, very ‘glam’.
    10/10 to Peter and Josh on the video.

    • Why thank you! *Swishes feather boa*

  5. That’s brightened up this miserable rainy day. Maybe a TSA dance off is in order for next time!

  6. Brilliant!

  7. Brilliant. Love it! :)

  8. Kris, you don’t have to run to dance.

    I was hoping more TSA staff would be dancing but this is acceptable. *prepares to annoy kris by naming every TSAcast questions thread and posting the video in the thread*. :P

  9. Dancin’ in my dreams, You’re my destiny, Inside my heart no more lonely night, Dancin’ in my dreams, Share your wish with me, And free forever we’ll fly…Dancin’ in my dreams

    oh wait…wrong song, erm anyway great video…I really like the remix but I will always think J Storm is the best thing to happen to the er,,, dance/Japanese?? techno genre.. or something

  10. Our mission, gentlemen, is to make this the most popular video on Youtube. This amazingness should not be kept hidden.

    • Mission Accepted! *dons ninja outfit and goes to make this the most popular video on Youtube by any means nesseccary* :p

    • Let’s not forget the ladies now…

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