TheSixthAxis Dance Central 2 Rocky Megamix

You may remember this. The video, taken by Dan when Kris was reluctantly dragged on stage to demo Dance Central at last year’s Eurogamer Expo, has been a popular meme for TSA staff to torture Kris with.

In fact, it’s pretty impossible to be even a casual reader of TSA and not have seen that video. This is largely down to the fact that writers tend to either link to, or embed, that video any time Dance Central is mentioned. It is a funny video though. Poor Kris.

But now, out of the darkness, comes something new: this video – Kris returns for TSA vs Dance Central, round deux. Enjoy.

This video stars Kristian Lipscombe as “Dance Central Guy”.

It was imagined by Kris and Peter, shot and directed by Peter (with extra footage from Tuffcub), expertly edited by Josh and the music was remixed and provided by Tuffcub. I’ve no idea how we’re going to better it next year.



  1. I don’t know what Josh was smoking but that edit is mental. Lovely.

  2. Hahahahaha! That cheered my day up.

  3. I think from the comments that next years video is obvious – all the TSA staff have to do it.

  4. Outstanding!!

  5. There is someone else in my office so I’m trying very hard not to laugh. A little bit of wee just came out.

  6. Awesome video, top work guys but especially to Kris for having the balls to do it.

    Also Kris did seem to get confused by the notion of putting shoes on at the beginning.

    • I thought he was going to fall over while putting shoes on.

  7. ha ha brilliant, I delayed playing BF for that, worth every 251 seconds of my time. Definitely need more staff in front of camera next year.

  8. Woah.

  9. Fan-bloody-tastic!!

  10. Next year, more nudity!

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