Mario Kart 7 Pre-order Trailer Zooms In

By this stage you know largely what to expect from a new Mario Kart game.

16 new tracks? Check. New characters (Shy Guy, Metal Mario, Lakitu)? Check. New items (Tanooki Tail, Fire Flower)? Check. New ways to play (Customisable karts, handgliders, underwater driving, optional motion control),? Check.


16 retro tracks… hang on, is that Waluigi Pinball?  Mario Kart 7 – day 1 purchase for sure.

Source: Youtube




  1. Nice inclusion of the gliders there. looks fun!

  2. Mario Kart was one of my favorites both on Wii and DS. Online is crazy fun – hope they have some more sophisticated matchmaking though

  3. Is this on wii ?

  4. Seems to be a must buy for 3DS owners. The new features look really cool.

  5. Looks great, but can never justify buying a Nintendo console/handheld for just 3 or 4 games. (Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda, Metroid)

  6. The subtitle caused me to sing what’s new Pussycat.

    Anyway, It looks good but didn’t they say that buttons won’t be used and instead the gyro is the only way to play it without using the motion controls? If so then i won’t be getting it when i do pick up a 3DS at some point.

  7. Looks just as fun as ever, new things look good, glider, not so sure about how different underwater would be, but that’s fine. If i had a 3DS i’d buy it, it won’t make me buy one. I’m sure it will sell shedloads .

  8. I want this just to have the ability to customize my kart.

    customizing is why i buy half the games that i do.

    jeez, now that i think about it i haven’t played a mario kart game since the N64 days

  9. Although I haven’t owned a Nintendo gaming device since the N64, the only game I miss is the Mario Kart series. Still the best arcade racer.

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