Micro Payment System Heading to the 3DS

Kyodo News (translated by Andriasang) is reporting that Nintendo are preparing a micro payment system that will allow gamers to buy and play things such as new levels for a game.

This type of system, used in quite a few iOS titles, isn’t too common on consoles, with one of the more recent titles to use it being deemed a failure.

Source: Andriasang



  1. I’d prefer they made the store much more user friendly before they added micro-payments. I only go to the store if I know there is something there I want; it’s too horrible to just browse through.

    • I’m not keen on the 3DS eStore myself. Kind of like the PS Store, I feel it could do with an overhaul.

      • I quite like the PS store, granted, it’s very slow, for me anyways, but other than that i think it’s pretty clear and well laid out. Only me..?

  2. What?! They finally make some progress with their online system and then they introduce a terrible idea like this.

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