Square Enix Working On Final Fantasy Mobile Game

Square Enix has partnered up with DeNA to create a Final Fantasy Social game.

DeNA is one of Japan’s biggest mobile social gaming developers which also runs the Mobage platform, where the Final Fantasy game will be released. Japanese fans of the series can already register for the game but a release date is still to be revealed. This isn’t Square Enixs first social gaming venture as it has already released two Facebook games, Knights of the Crystals & Chocobo’s Crystal Tower.


A teaser site  is up  and Andriasang has provided a translation  which says that the game is “An RPG Where You Fight For Your Friends.”

Those who have copies of Final Fantasy Type-0 for PSP will also be able to connect to the social game, though benefits of doing so are to be revealed.



  1. “An RPG Where You Fight For Your Friends.”?

    What is this, Ike the RPG?

  2. As soon as i read social game, i was instantly put off it. I hate social games as they always find a way to hammer in Facebook or twitter. I prefer to play FF on my own and embrace the story as that what FF stands for imo. Story and soundtrack. :=)

    • Amen. Facebook is invading games too much.

  3. I don’t think id mind Facebook games if they did two things:

    1) Were for the most part, proper games. Some have barely any gameplay mechanics and features that you’d think they’re just marketing gimmicks or gambling games. *cough*
    2) Didn’t shake you for change every 10 seconds to progress further or pay $5 to have something cool that you can, “impress your friends” with.

    • To actually discuss the post though, sounds cool. I hope it is a game :3

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