Forza 4 and Speed Wheel Winner

Last Tuesday, we challenged you to capture a picture of a road vehicle, whilst giving it a good thumbs up (deserved or not) and send it in to us with a snappy caption. I can confirm that at least one person accomplished all of this successfully, and so we have a winner! I always said you were a clever bunch.*


Funnily enough, there were also a few entries that were sent in purely for my amusement since they featured no thumbs. An extra special shout out has to go to SpikeyMikey for tweeting his entry late (by a few seconds), without the necessary # to make the #TSA4za hash tag work, without a thumb and without even a caption! So wrong an entry, that I briefly considered letting him win for the sheer audacity of his attempt.

Thanks to the other entrants that sent something in. I found several of them to be quite fun, but there can be only one winner, and in a rather unanimous vote, Scotty34 came out on top with the following car and caption:

Extra points for taking photos from several angles, finding something so wonderfully disgusting, and a rather witty caption to complement it perfectly. Scotty put a fair bit of thought and effort in, so this is a rather deserved win in my books.

The copy of Forza 4 and the Microsoft Wireless Speed Wheel will be on their way shortly, along with smatterings of TSA points to those others that entered.

Until next time!

*I’ve probably never actually said this, but if I ever have, rest assured I didn’t mean it!



  1. Every time i see one of those it reminds me of that hilarious episode of Top Gear.

    Well done Scotty. Nice find :)

  2. Well Done Scotty that is indeed sick! *vomits*
    Was a wee fun competition though =D
    Makes you wonder how long has that car been parked though for lol.

    • Since they stopped filming Mr. Bean? :P

      • Mr Bean drove a “green and black” Mini.

      • Yes, but he was often caught bullying the chap in the three wheeler, and making him tip over…

      • Big Mr Bean are we Rock!

      • I think the red is now called “Rust”

  3. Is that secretly your car Scotty!

    • Shhhhh……. dont let everyone know! lol

  4. It’s actually slightly worrying that it’s that dirty, I really do hope it’s abandoned and nobody drives it. They probably got sick of it flipping over when cornering.

    • That’s the reason you dont park under trees. :)

      • Because parking under trees makes your car flip over when cornering? :-)

  5. Hahaha awesome. What a shit machine! Love the tinted back window!……

    Tef, I think you should do a page with everyone’s entries

    • I do love the way they fixed the back window haha they even left the rear window wiper on

  6. Worryingly I’m sure my old T reg Corsa looked worse than that when I traded it in… :|

  7. Lol awesome find.

  8. Congrtas Scotty34.
    There was nothing in my area that was worth taking a pic of. :(

  9. Haha what an appalling car. Good find, well done.

  10. Thank you very much xD so excited!! cant wait to play forza with a wheel, ive never been able to afford one. Thanks again

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