Free Gears of War 3 Map Pack Coming

Now that the technical issues with the ‘Horde Command Pack’ have been resolved, Epic is already looking forward to the next DLC they have lined up. Earlier today, Epic announced that there will be a new map pack coming to Gears of War 3 on November 24.

The new pack includes the three maps that were included in the ‘Horde Command Pack’, as well as two new maps that go by the names  of ‘Bullet Marsh’ and ‘Clock Tower’. Both of those names sound familiar so we’re not entirely certain that those aren’t just remakes from previous Gears of War games, but when you see the price tag attached, you likely won’t care. Free. Strange word to hear when it comes to map packs, eh?


To be clear, the three maps that are now only available to ‘Horde Command Pack’ purchasers will not come with the extra Horde content that is included in said pack. These are just the maps themselves and judging by the name of the pack (Versus Booster Map Pack) we’re guessing that they’re only available for competitive multiplayer. At the low price of nothing, who can complain?

Source: Game Informer



  1. nice to see new maps coming=)
    said this to my brother and he got all excited… especially when i said that its going to be free… =D
    *thumbs up to epic*

  2. Yay for free! Love free stuff.

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