New Video Details Modern Warfare 3 Modes and Maps

A new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 video hit the web today. It details some of the new game modes as well as how the maps may differ from those in previous Call of Duty games. It doesn’t really show anything major that we didn’t already know but if you’re one of the several million people planning on picking up the game next week, you may want to check it out.

Source: YouTube


  1. Behold, innovation!

  2. Looks nice, but I will be getting Skyrim.

  3. Kill confirmed looks fun. I just hope they don’t use the static spawn system like in Demolition. Also, can’t say I’m too pleased to see Heartbeat Sensor back, everyone will be running Assassin or Ninja or whatever cancels it out.

    • So do you not like the heartbeat sensor, or that everyone starts using the perks to avoid it?

      • It just seems pointless that to use it you have to be close enough to hear them. To avoid it the Perk that makes you invisible to it also makes you silent. In MW2 most stopped using it because it was pointless with most people running the most unbalanced and uncounterable Perk, Ninja.

      • I’m more against the sensor. It’s just as silly that the countermeasure is so powerful.

    • It was fun at first to see where enemies were but after a while people stopped using it. I come across one HBS use a month probably.

      Ninja wasn’t overpowered, using a Turtle Beach headset with Sitrep Pro is the most over powered thing ever, you can sound whore people across the map, literally. Also even with Blops pathetic sound, people still used Ninja even though the footsteps weren’t as clear or as loud as MW2.

      • True about SitRep Pro but I really couldn’t be arsed blowing 150 enemy equipment.

      • Just get into a MW2 challenge lobby lol. That’s what I did, at the time, I had a hacked PS3 so I got a hacked MW2 patch and made me and friends all 10th prestige with all challenges unlocked xD

      • Well, your an idiot. You spoilt the game and you’re a dirty cheat.

    • looks interesting but the voice bugged me even in that vid. KILL COMFIRMED! imagine it. . . months on end

      • Thats exactly what I thought. I hope the voice is different for the different teams

  4. Wow next week….. time flies

  5. Team Defender sounds good, but I reckon you’ll need to play with friends if you actually want people to protect you and back you up if you do drop the flag.

  6. The maps look boring tbh. There’s no maps like Favela or Terminal so far. We need colourful maps not dull maps like Underpass or Estate.

    • Have you got videos of all the maps? would love to see them :p

    • I think they’re looking ok. Dont want no balamori terrorists now, do we? ;)

  7. ahhhhh. 1 week to play uncharted and sonic generations!! and then this and then AC and then saints row ontop of my back log.

    game overload game overload game overload

    • lucky so and so! i’m having to trade mine in to afford the next batch

  8. Don’t like the look of kill confirmed, could see that being the cause of much raging on my part. It’s too encouraging on CQC, ignoring the fact that some people use long range weapons. It just looks to encourage run and gun tactics, which is what i dislike about COD. Probably won’t get this, not now anyway, maybe at a low point next year.

    • Did you need an excuse?

      • Did I need an excuse for what? I’m not hating on it… Just stating my opinion. I actually do enjoy cod, I just don’t love/hate it.

  9. 6 days and counting

  10. Gah, can’t watch this video as I’m at work :(
    Cancelled my pre-order with Tesco last night and ordered from Asda instead. £31+free delivery, can’t be bad! :D
    This and Uncharted3 will keep me busy until the real gem (Saints Row The Third) is posted through my letterbox :D

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