Resi Evil: Operation Raccoon City Getting Beta ‘Early Next Year’

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City – the game that’s set to rewrite Resi history – has a public beta coming next year.

Mike Jones, producer of the Slant Six developed title, told Joystiq that a multiplayer demo is planned for “early next year,” but didn’t offer any further details about the beta or when exactly it might be available. It obviously should be out sometime before the game’s expected release in North America on 20th March.

Source: Joystiq



  1. Glad to hear about this. As much as I love all things Resi this game sounds very different so the demo will be handy to tell whether that is a good thing or not..

  2. why is every demo branded as a beta nowadays ? Otherwise great news i love a bit of resi

    • To make people feel important. I remember back when getting into a beta was a big deal :)

  3. Glad there’s gonna be a demo/beta/whatever it really is, i like the look of this but until i’ve played it and can gauge the longevity of the multiplayer i’d be reluctant to buy.

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