Rumour: Silicon Knights Cuts Staff Numbers by 75%

According to some reports, Silicon Knights has cut its workforce. Silicon Knights, developer of Too Human and X Men: Destiny, has gone from 97 staff members to just 25, say some insiders. The company, based in Ontario, Canada, has not given any official response to these reports.

1Up was told that “Silicon Knights has had massive layoffs. They are now down to a core staff of 25 people.”


In July, Silicon Knights had received $3million CND from the local government as the company had been expected to grow by 80 staff members to work on new projects.

However, the average review scores and reception that both Too Human, and more recently, X Men Destiny received may have had a financial impact on the firm.

Source: Edge/ 1UP




  1. This is sad, I’ve for years been hoping they would do a modern remake of their classic Cyber Empires from the old Amiga Days.

    I hope they don’t fold completely

  2. It would’ve been great if there actually was another decent X-Men game… so I’m surprised Activision is still wasting the liensce with low quality horrors, its shame Destiny could’ve killed Silicon Knights but other Blood Omen, I don’t know….

  3. Although I don’t know any of their games, it would be sad for a developer with such an awesome name to go out of business now, :3

  4. Looking at the wikipedia entries about them, it looks like they’ve been pissing the Canadian publics money away in a bid to stay afloat for the last few years. Doesn’t look like they met a single one of the targets attached to their subsidies.

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