DC Universe Online ‘Free to Play’ Releases

What should you be doing today if you are both bored and poor? You should be downloading Sony Online Entertainment’s superhero spectacular, DC Universe Online, which is now FREE to play.

You now don’t have to pay a penny, nickel, cent or dime to team up with Bats, Wonder Woman and the Flash to kick some bad guy tail – possibly yours, Copperhead.


For those not in know, free access includes:

“Access to the base game content in DC Universe Online, including Gotham City, Metropolis, and all current raids and alerts outside of DLC packs. Free Access provides players with the ability to create two characters, join a League and many other benefits. Free level players can also purchase DLC packs, additional character slots, and more in-game. “

DC Universe Online is now free to download on both Steam and PSN meaning nothing’s preventing you from re-enacting as many Justice League fantasies as possible.

Source: Press Release



  1. that will be the psn maintence

    • Ah, oops. Forgot about that.

  2. Yeah – I have trouble making room for 5GB, let alone 14-18GB, so i think i’ll have to give this one a miss.

    Shame really, as i love me some superhero action! :(

    • Yeah i tend to have the same problem lol

  3. I downloaded it for both my pc and ps3 and perfer it on my ps3, feels like it was made for a console rather than my pc.

  4. I have just downloaded the whole 15 gb and now the game tells me that my subscription is invalid. Anyone experienced the same? Or anyone that knows how to solve this?

  5. 15Gb+ is too much to me O_O, by the way does the game features trophies for free or do you have to micro pay for it?

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