DCUO Population Surges By 120K On PC

Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley today announced that since superhero MMO, DC Universe Online, went free to play over 120,000 new players have signed up.

Whether the PlayStation 3 version has been anywhere near as successful has yet to be determined, though it didn’t stop Smedley from announcing that a “big TV and online campaign” will launch later this month.

Source: Twitter



  1. It’s only the MASSIVE download that’s putting me off.

    • How much is it?

    • 14Gb?

      And yeah…. it took ages

    • Buying the disc DOES cut down on the download times but it’ll run about £10-15.

      • and you’ll have to have the disc in to play.

      • I have the disc and my total game space is 19gb, so it can’t cut down that much!

      • you still need the same amount of hard drive space but it cuts down on the download.

    • you don’t have to download it all at once, if you interrupt the download for whatever reason it will restart from where it left off.

      • Can you start the download, turn the PS3 off at night then resume it from where it left off in the morning?

      • Yep.

  2. i’d imagine the ps3 numbers will have increased significantly as well.

    lots of people will have wanted to try the game but were put off by the sub fee, well now they don’t have to worry.

  3. I think the Download is putting alot of people off. Not only that it takes alot of space but it takes ike 6-8 hours to download it.

    • 14 hours later I’m sat at 82% :|

  4. Me and 5 of my friends have started tonight it was alot of fun :)

  5. Again, no mac. :( I’d probably give this a go. But I cannot, would try it on my PS3 when I go home at the end of uni term, but there’s no where near 18/14/19/whateverGB space that people are saying it needs…

  6. I remember just trying to download the beta ages ago, hours later the progress bar was at about 25% so I gave up. Seems ridiculous how you don’t just download it from the ps store really.

    • Just download it for the night.

    • It’s just a different framework, the same that was used for MAG.

      My belief is that it allows the developer/maintainer to get patches out there much more efficiently, and with fewer hoops of testing to jump through. I’m probably mistaken, though.

      However, when it’s a large scale online game, this seems to be the system that Sony uses.

  7. For some reason, even though I have it fully installed from the disc, I have to download another 14gb when I try and use the HDD version.

    • The two different versions will be signed with different BCES-91223 type codes, have assets in different places etc. etc. If you just update the disc version, and use that then it should require less of a download. Everything will still be on your HDD, though, and you’ll need the disc in the drive too.

  8. I was one of those 120k for pc, and ps3. I have to say right after this im going to play.

  9. Currently i just don’t have the space on my ps3. I would cull some games from my hdd to make space but it seems a bit much for something i might end up only playing once or twice. Having said that i’m still giving it some consideration..

  10. If I walk into my local Game store, will they give me a free copy?


    • you could ask them.
      let us all know how it goes. ^_^

      • To be fair the girl in my local one is waaaaaay over enthusiastic so maybe my chances aren’t actually as small as you may suspect!

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