GTA V Gets First Official Details

Rockstar have just dropped the first official details on the new Grand Theft Auto game.

It’s being developed by Rockstar North (as you’ll know from the trailer) and features Los Santos, the surrounding hills, countryside and beaches.


It’s the “largest and most ambitious game Rockstar has yet created” but there’s no official mention of the San Francisco and Las Vegas-based areas that were in the San Andreas game last generation.

This suggests it’s just going to be based on LA and some outlying sections.

The game takes “a bold new direction in open-world freedom, storytelling, mission-based gameplay and online multiplayer” and focuses on the “pursuit of the almighty dollar in a re-imagined, present day Southern California.”

No word on release date, or even platforms…

Source: press release.

Update: it’s worth mentioning that the initial reveal for San Andreas just showed Los Santos.  San Fierro and Las Venturas were revealed in a trailer a month later.



  1. I predict a drip feed of information for at least a week before they allude to a release date.

    • A week?! It’ll be months before a release date I would imagine.

      • Oh unless they try and announce release same day as Saints Row release.

      • well they did announce it on the release date of battlefield 3 and release the first trailer on the release date of uncharted 3 so maybe there trying to make sure there getting all the headlines instead of all the big games coming out in the next few months.

      • or Skyrim/ MW3 release day…

  2. “No word on release date, or even platforms…”

    Wii exclusive to try & win the ‘core’ gamer back?? :P

    • Probably.

    • That sounds about right.

      On a more serious note, do we think we’ll be seeing this on the Wii U?

      • Potentially i guess – Suppose it depends on the release date of the game & how worried Ninty are about the content really.

      • i think a chinatowns war route from R*

  3. Take away all the hyperbole and cliché and this sounds worryingly like every other GTA.

    • Not a bad thing, imo. I’ve played each game to death.

      • same here it is what we want GTA.

      • Me too, and I was also a huge fan of San Andreas, so this could be especially win for me.

    • Well if the last GTA sold 22 million copies they’d be fucking crazy to radically change the formula. It’s evidently what everyone wants and there’s nothing wrong with that.

      • I reckon it’ll be more of an evolution rather than drastically different from the last GTA games.

    • i guess thats its charm/selling point. same GTA, but with new characters, story’s, location(s).

      I would like to see more story cross threading. bit like the DLC for GTA4. They should start bringing all the characters in from over the years and build a bigger story. That would be awsome

      • Funnily enough, that’s kinda what it seemed like the trailer was alluding to – Could just be for the trailer though.

    • or gturismo(which i’ve had from the start btw,) It’s the world we live in & i’m glad it’s that way. Change a product too much, it looses its identity & becomes something else.

      • “i’m glad it’s that way,” the game not the world:)

  4. Meh, why do they always have to recycle old Cities? Give it a new setting and I’m interested. Maybe… :P

    • I was really hoping for Las Vegas, looks like its not happening.

      • But Las Vegas has been done before, right?

      • A little bit of Vegas was portrayed in San Andreas.

      • vegas was basically Las Venturas in San Andreas, so… it has been done?

  5. This game really is becoming a bore. Old game with new graphics.

    • so boring it gives you more to do than most games.

    • I’d say old game with old graphics.

      I’d have much preferred if they’d waited for the next console generation to release another GTA. The games take so long to develop anyway, let alone with increased graphics capabilities, as the more detailed the engine, the longer still a game takes to develop.

      They’re simply squeezing another game into the current generation before they have to move to another engine, or beef it up some more. I love the GTA games but IV was a let-down for me and V seems to be more of the same, but looking worse.

      • they only released 1 game this gen that makes no sense to me.

      • BF3 proves there’s freshness to be had this gen. You know BF3, the one with ground breaking visuals & gameplay, yet remains the same at its core, thank goodness. Look around, there are hundreds of products that have been around for decades, with same contents, but newer packaging. If my weetabix, which i’ve been enjoying all my life, changed inside the box, bar being refined to be healthier, i’d kick off. Same for my gta, keep the core, but with modern packaging. Thank u R*, keep it up.

    • Give me San Andreas with new graphics & my other games will gather dust, bar Watch Dogs naturally.

  6. as a huge gta fan i watched the trailer and just thought meh. Dont no why maybe gta is finally coming to the end for me anyway. With too many new ips this gen its hard to get excited for this. Sure ill buy the ce on release day but hopefully they can pull something out the bag to make the game really unique

  7. Mac only? Would that be sensational enough? I dunno why I said that, I’m very excited about a new GTA, I’m just being an irritant! I’ll keep schum in future.

  8. After my dream lastnight about adriana lima, i’d didn’t think i could be in a better mood, i was wrong.

  9. Wasn’t it around this time of year that gta. IV was released? Then we had 4 trailers and a early spring release. I wouldn’t be surprised if this game follows a similar pattern

  10. LOL – almighty dollar

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