Thief 4 Storyboard Artwork Appears Online

Thief 4 images have appeared online. Eidos hasn’t revealed a lot of information about the game, besides the fact that it exists. With these images popping up, it could mean that Eidos is ready to start giving more information about what gamers can expect.

The Thief series follows the character of Garrett who last appeared in Thief: Deadly Shadows which was released in 2004.

Source: ScrewAttack



  1. it’s really been 7 years since the last one?

    i’ve got the xbox version of deadly shadows, and i really must give it a playthrough one day, but i’ve got so many games to play right now, what with dcu going free to play, hydrophobia and i’m still building stuff in minecraft.

    anyway, back on topic.

    the thief games have always been pretty good, one of the few games to do stealth really well.
    i can’t wait to see what they can do with the series on this generation’s hardware.

  2. I played the first one on my pc (or was it the second one) Whatever one is was, I loved it. Looking forward to seeing what this one is going to be like

  3. Oh look, they’re using the 4 as the e in thief! Hope the game’s good though.

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