Fan Shells Out $1,725 For Early Copy Of MW3

Sure, we love our games here at TSA Towers. Some of us pre-order the titles on our wish lists and others go and grab them on launch day, wedging them between the biscuit and teabag multi-packs before making a B-line for the supermarket checkouts. Hell, some of us are even crazy enough to fork out an extra bit of dosh for the occasional novelty gubbin or steelbook case.

With blockbuster shooter Modern Warfare 3 rolling into town next week, one particular fan has gone a little overboard, paying a staggering sum of $1725 just to get it a few days earlier than everyone else. The game was purchased from an eBay user who presumably picked up one of the leaked copies which are said to be from US retailer Kmart. The auction fetched 88 bids, the seller promising to ship the game via Priority USPS.

Source: MCV



  1. what a w****r

  2. I’ll laugh my socks off if MS ban him for playing early :)

    • I’d bet money on it happening. Not this much though…

  3. I’d laugh like crazy if it got delayed in the post and didnt get it until the day after street release

  4. *facepalm* what a sad bastard.

  5. Just because he’s won the bid doesn’t mean to say he’ll pay up.

    If it was me, I’d just bid that much to piss the seller off for trying to make a quick buck…

    • I’m pretty sure people were bidding stupid amounts on purpose, but fair play if he does pay up.

  6. Holy &*%!£ I know some people can’t wait for a certain game but they usually have to wait till it is out unless they get lucky. I wouldn’t pay extra to get the game a few days earlier, let alone over a thousand pounds/dollars.(i would get an alienware PC if i had that much cash).

    How annoyed would they be if Activison made the game unplayable before it’s offical release or if the game was in tiny peices?

  7. I also note that the seller has a grand total of 16 feedback. Show of hands for those who think the buyer will actually receive the game?

    • He will probably recieve COD but not the COD he was hoping to get.

    • So he is a new ebayer, we all have to start somewhere.

      • 16 is less than me on there, and from what I’ve sold it makes there in the next day/2days.

  8. Wowsers!!

  9. Holy s***, I hope something bad happens to it, would be hilarious. That’s insane.

  10. more money than sense.

    • though possibly not much of either now.

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