Michael Bay Need For Speed: The Run Trailer

Close personal friend of mine*, Michael Bay, has directed an advert for the upcoming racer, Need For Speed: The Run. As you would expect it features cars, racing, action and a gratuitous shot of some lady’s arse.

According to Adidas (who are producing the official NFS:TR trainers) “Need for Speed shares our same vision of striving to be the leading lifestyle brand”.


As well as footwear, NFS:TR features some lovely girls from a soft porn outlet ‘Sports Illustrated’ and adverts for the publication will appear in the game.

Our lucky American chums can even buy a special edition of the game with a free six month ‘Access All Areas’ subscription to Sports Illustrated and a Making of Need for Speed: The Run documentary DVD starring the two swimsuit models.

I’m looking forward to Chrissy Teigen explaining the Frostbite engine.

The game has also spawned “The Need For Speed European Spokesmodel Search” which is open to everyone as long as you are female and have an unreasonable amount of make up applied.

Source: YouTube

*I stood a few feet away from him at the Transformers 2 launch party and watched him get pawed by two unfeasibly breasted, bottle blonde women, it wasn’t nice. 



  1. “I stood a few feet away from him at the Transformers 2 launch party and watched him get pawed by two unfeasibly breasted, bottle blonde women, it wasn’t nice.”

    I’m pretty sure it probably was for him! :D

    • Both of them looked like Jodie Marsh if she had been dragged through a hedge backwards. You would think he could afford some decent looking hookers.

      • Its true – He’s probably blown up all the good ones though! XD

  2. There was a few Transformers sound effects in there as expected!

    The trailer was really good, wonder what the gameplay will be like. I haven’t picked up a NFS since Underground.

    • Yeah, looks exciting. If only we could actually have proper input into the out-of-car sequences, but I understand that they want to keep the action fast so the QTEs make sense there. Anyway, not too bothered about that, it’s all about the racing… And explosions.

    • The cars make transformer noises while racing in the demo, now it all makes sense.

  3. I love corporate retail bullshit – what is a “lifestyle brand”?

  4. Forget girls, I wanna good racing game from Blackbox >.>


  6. looks terrible too OTT i want a racing game to be about the racing not cheap “hollywood” gimmicks, i think ill pass …

  7. Nice concept, a huge must win cross US race, but this looks like rubbish over-sensationalised gibberish.

    Also, what’s with the out-of-car stuff?

    • Yeah the concept is good but after playing the demo I won’t be getting it, the handling was totally crap.

  8. Classic Bay. Way too over the top, exactly what was expected. Prefect trailer to show before a film in my opinion, I think it’d work well in the cinema.

  9. Every year I fall for NFS’s trailers and concepts and promotions and the games continually fail to impress me, and have done since the original Shift. I didn’t play the demo in time and its apparently expired (Why you’d make a demo expire I’ll never know) so this is gonna be a rent, borrow from a mate or just never played.

  10. havent tried the demo yet…any good?

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