Professional Thieves Loot 6,000 Copies Of MW3

During the weekend it was reported that a consignment of video games, worth in excess of 400,000 Euros, had been stolen by organised thieves during a truck heist in Créteil, south Paris.

According to the reports the vehicle was rammed; in the commotion two armed thieves emerged from the offending car and used tear gas to subdue the driver before driving away in the delivery truck.


So far we know that the cargo was a shipment of video games, other sources indicating that these were in fact copies of Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Source: CVG



  1. Blimey…

  2. oceans 14

  3. Damn you Activision, can’t you see the people want their game now.

    Just shows that CoD needs to die off, got people so addicted it’s got people giving video games a bad reputation

    • No, COD doesn’t need to die off. The amount under 17’s that play this game need to be banned.
      Kids are the ones ruining COD.

      • But somehow I don’t think it was a group of 14 year olds that pulled off this heist.

        Their parents maybe…

      • exactly how can you blame kids for this ? I hate when people do that its fucking ridiculous

  4. ” Hello? Daily Fail? Here’s your front page. Violent Game Causes Violence! “

    • I was so tempted to email them a fake story during the London riots. Some DLC came out for Brink that featured a London Met style skin for the sec forces and I really fancied emailing them and saying that the pack had been released to “celebrate the London riots” and that gamers were being “actively encouraged to kill cops”. Just to see if the clueless bloody idiots would even bother researching it or just run with the story like.

      Couldn’t be bothered in the end.

  5. This sounds like it was taken straight out of the game itself!

    • Lol imagine that, cool marketing idea, not that it needs it….

      • Modern Warfare 4: Armed Van Heist – Clearly going to happen

      • There was once a similar publicity stunt for the original GTA iirc, not that I’m saying this instance is, but, you catch my drift.

  6. Mother f*****! This is beyond mental.

  7. Doesn’t this happen to a CoD shipment every year?

    • seems like it!

    • Yeah, as i was reading it i thought it sounded a bit familiar! I am sure something similar has happened before too.

      • I think a warehouse was raided for Black Ops last year.

      • Yeah, you might be right actually mate – Can’t recall exactly, but something rings a bell about that.

  8. Knowing Activision, they’ll probably make a game of this now :-)

    Armored Truck Robery – The Heist! :-)

  9. Wow, this will generate some media buzz I’m sure. I can’t imagine this is common, trust MW3 to make people try this.

    Pretty slick feist from the sounds of it, maybe this should be incorporated into the next MW as a bit of tongue in cheek humour. The mission can set you up thinking the van is carrying a nuke or something and you only find out after you’ve stolen it that it’s full of videogames. ;)

    • I doubt anyone needs 6,000 copies – I have a suspicion that it’s about the value of the games, and not the game itself!

  10. These are great soundbyte stories for video game fans to hurl about the internet,it’s almost as if they were somehow being micromanaged by some cynical PR rep.

    • They’ll be accidentally leaking controversial footage of in game cutscenes in a media goading excercise next.

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