Where To Get MW3 The Cheapest

My personal viewpoint on MW3 hasn’t changed – I won’t be rushing out and joining the Midnight queues – but many will, and it seems that if you’re prepared to shop around or trade something in, you’ll get a bargain.

Of course, plenty of indies have been selling the game since Friday (with one local shop offering the game for, wait for it, £75 if you want it early) but officially the game goes on sale at a minute past midnight tonight, around the UK.

[drop2]Naturally, it’s the supermarkets that are trying the hardest.

Tesco will sell you the game for £25 if you buy some Microsoft Points – the deal works if you spend £16.99 on 2100 Points, £34 on an annual Xbox Live membership or, for PS3 owners, a £25 PlayStation Network card.

Likewise, Morrisons have it for £25 if you spend £4.99 on an Xbox Live Gold card.  Sainsbury’s will sell you the game for £28.99 if you spend £30 on other shopping, but ASDA will flog you Activision’s latest for a flat out £38.97.

The game will be £29.99 in Best Buy, but you’ll need to find a store.

Specialists?  Well, GAME have it for ‘half price’ if you trade in Gears 3, Dead Island, FIFA 12, Batman: Arkham City, Resistance 3, F1 2011, Forza 4, Dark Souls, Ace Combat or X-Men Destiny, and HMV will sell you it for a tenner if you trade in Batman, Battlefield 3 or Goldeneye.

We’re assuming that if you’re buying it online you’re not in a rush, but Amazon’s the cheapest at a shade under £39.

We’ve not been sent a review copy yet – like most other outlets – so we’ll get it up as soon as possible.

Sources: MCV, GamerZines.



  1. i oredered this out of my 24studio catalogue! don’t fancy the midnight rush or the struggle of finding it the day after!

  2. Don’t mean to be picky but when is a minute past minute?

    • Arrgh, infinite time paradox

    • It’s that curious time of the night when a traded-in copy of Dark Souls renames itself to the more appropriate “Dark Sould”. :-)

  3. Bugger. I traded in Batman: Arkham City at Asda 2 days ago for £22. :(

    Shoulda hung on to it and done the HMV deal.

    • You willingly sold it for that much? Ouch…

      • Surely you mean ‘for that little’, no?

        Unless you really didn’t like it of course!

      • That much, that little, all the same ;) ASDA seems to have got themselves a bargain for sure

  4. This time I’m skipping it BF3 and UC3 plus the ps+ content will keep me busy. Might borrow it of a mate to play sp further down the line but mp I think will be more or less the same as previous versions.

  5. Trade in Batman AC for that unimaginative bilge?! Does that come with a free straight jacket?

    • Straight jacket is a pre order bonus only.

    • you know, different people like different things. That’s what makes the world more interesting.

      • You should know by now Cb that we all have to be like sheep. Choice is bad!

      • Choice is ‘Baaaad’. XD

        …As was that joke. Don’t worry, I’m leaving now.

      • You got a snigger from me, Forrest lol

      • Then me cringing at my own joke was all worth it then! :D

      • That made me laugh as well, so yes, definitely worth it :P

  6. Might get this at Christmas but I’m still plenty busy with U3 anyway.

  7. I got suckered in to the Modern Warfare hype last time and regretted buying it, so although I do want the game (and do still think it is an enjoyable experience), I’m passing this year, mainly due to lack of funds, but also time. Barely have the time to play anymore, and I’m currently far too busy with the masterpiece of Uncharted 3.

    • So did I, this time I’m going to invest my money in sweets and chocolate instead.

      Maybe some beer too.

  8. I’m going to distract Sophie Ellis Bextor with some mini food and nick her copy.

  9. Got my copy on order with Asda Direct for a tidy £30.80. God bless 20% off vouchers :D

    • That’s a great price!

      I pre-ordered from elkjop in Norway, for approximately £37 (which is unheard of in Norway, the normal store price for a new PS3 game is anywhere between £55-65).
      And they shipped it on friday, bless them, so I’ve been playing mine since saturday.

      • “And they shipped it on friday, bless them, so I’ve been playing mine since saturday.” *shakes fist* damn you, I’m not even sure if Asda have shipped mine yet! :P

    • That’s cheap – thanks to SpikeyMikey I saved £8 off my Hardened Edition, so it’s £71.99 from GameStation for me, but if the 1-years Elite costs £35, then the Hardened Version with extras only cost me £36.99!!

      Nice article Alex, would be good to see with some other games too. I’m a sucker for pre-order bonuses/exclusives – I preordered 4 copies of BF3, returned 3 of them but got to keep the limited edition steel book and all the DLC codes sent via email! :)

      • £62.98 from ASDA Direct for me – even better price!

      • Indeed, nice work! Although I do get some preorder “Intel Bonus” for my extra, uh, er….£9.01 :(

  10. Ive got the hardened edition ordered with Game. Im a sucka for double points as I will one day buy a PS4 with many pounds off. Currently on £35

    • Same here, I’m currently on £85 lol. I’m going to spend it all on the PS4 and rebuild points for PS5.

      • Its the only sensible way although I do find myself paying more for a game than needed just because I earn points that have no real worth.

      • I don’t always buy from GAME though. A game has to be cheaper by £2 elsewhere for me not to buy at GAME.

      • So you guys don’t get sent a voucher around xmas/new year then? GAME send one to me every year for whatever i have on my card so that i can’t save them up for too long a period.

        Think they might be pulling a fast one on me if they don’t do teh same to you!!

      • I have never used my points tbh. I’ve been collecting them since the Electronic Boutique days but since PS3 release in 2007 it’s grown from like £5 to £85 lol.
        Never got a voucher, I hope I don’t as I want to spend it on the PS4.

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