Phoenix Wright Movie Trailer Arrives

The Phoenix Wright Movie trailer is now live.

The movie goes by the name of Gyakuten Saiban, which is the Japanese name for the Phoenix Wright series,  and directoral duties are being taken care of by director Takashi Miike, who also directed Ichi the Killer.

This actually looks really good and I, for one, am hoping for a decent game to movie adaption.

The movie is set to release 11th February 2012 in Japan. A worldwide release has not been confirmed.

Source: Twitchfilms


  1. Erm… well… yes… but… whatthe… OBJECTION?!

  2. If they put subtitles on it, ill watch it in japanese.

  3. I have absolutely no idea what I just watched, but it still made me laugh. That can only be a good thing. Right…?!

  4. Whaaaaaaaaa

  5. OBJECTION! Takashi Miike is an absolute mental case! But at least his films are usually entertaining.

  6. that i would like to see, subbed version for me thanks.

    this is a bit of a departure for Miike though isn’t it?
    doesn’t he usually do gory controversial movies?

  7. Looks a bit mental, would never expect anything less. I’d watch it dubbed or subbed. (dubbing is always funnier)

  8. Their hairdos look very fake, but I’ve never played Phoenix Wright and still want to watch this film after that trailer. It’s just the weirdness of it all, and the possibility of a decent game-to-film adaption.

  9. this looks incredible! :D

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