Skyrim To Get Day One Patch

Skyrim will be getting a day one patch when it releases on Friday. The information comes courtesy of Nick Breckon, Community Manager of Bethesda who gave these details over at NeoGAF. Details of what the patch will include will not be shared until launch day.

In a seperate interview with Wired, Bethesda’s Game Director, Todd Howard, spoke about how the company will be approaching DLC in Skyrim.

We’re not going to be doing a lot of it. Our high-level thinking is that there’ll be not as many, but they’ll be bigger and more substantial. The goal overall is not necessarily to put out more content, but to make the game better. We’ll start hitting on everything after vacation, We’ll take a break, see what consumers think of the game, then see which direction we want to go.”

It is known that the first two pieces of Skyrim DLC will be timed exclusives for the Xbox 360, with PC and PS3 gamers receiving the DLC a month later, after each DLC’s release.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim launche Friday November 11 on Xbox 360, PC & PS3.

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  1. *groans*

    Not that it’ll affect me, but these day one patches must get irritating.

    • They’re a feature of this generation. It allows developers to still hit their release date and continue to make improvements to the game.

      I prefer this than the old way of releasing a broken game that couldn’t be patched afterwards. Anyone else recall Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness? Eidos came out and admitted that the game is practically unfinishable.

      • Unstartable for me, I hated it. Don’t care about this patch for Skyrim though, I’ll still be playing it at some point on Friday so no problem.

  2. For Douavkin’s sake. I know it is Bethesade and it is an Elder Scrolls game but i’m starting to get fed up with day 1 patchs.

    But Skyrim is a massive game so a few bugs are acceptable and i will accept Skyrim’s day 1 patch. Just this once.

    • They’re not big deal, just some are a bit annoying because of filesize, sadly the PS3 is worst off….. hate it

    • Pity that after all the patches, they still didn’t completely fix Oblivion of Fallout 3.

      • To be fair, the Gamebryo engine is infamous for it’s bugs. But Bethesade should have made an effort to fix Fallout 3 as best as they can.

        I didn’t encounter that many bugs whilst playing TES:O.=) But i have heard it goes to hell once it reaches the 100 hour mark. :S

    • All to a bit fixed by fan patches… >.>

  3. I’m not even getting it on PS3, yet its a bit sad theres a day one patch, shouldn’t be too bad depending if it isn’t over 100mb.

  4. I don’t get the c&paste moans & groans re patches. Install it & enjoy the game. Put the kettle on if need be.

    • I’m still disappointed at the lack of Horse Armour, lazy devs >.> *groan, groan, groan*

    • YES! I agree completely. I see it can be a little annoying and you just want to get on and play, but sometimes it seems like the end of the world.

  5. Think it is pretty much the norm now.

  6. I have a bigger problem with day one patches for this, than say, BF3 as this is SP only, I can imagine there will be a few who pick this up with no net access.

    • Yeah, I agree, off liners will be annoyed. But, this is a massive RPG, so even though it is offline, there’s still a lot to go wrong.

  7. I hope this day 1 patch does actually fix bugs, however based on other games recently (and Bethesda’s track record), they will fix minor bugs and miss bigger bug(s). I hope im proved wrong though….

    • They have a new engine so you never know.

  8. So we’ll have to wait an extra 10 minutes while the game patches, been waiting months for it already – what’s an extra ten minutes? Just go make a cuppa or grab a beer from the fridge, post something on twitter or read something on here.

    Getting bored of people moaning about every little thing, so many miserable people.

    • Hehe, I’m a poet and didn’t realise it.

  9. Looks like they had to stick to that silly 11.11.11 release date and worry about fixing the bugs post release.


    • I remember when people used to moan about games missing their release dates all the time though and having to be delayed (looking at you GT5). Either way there will always be something.

      • I’m starting to think people will always moan and never be happy no matter what. Game delayd? Moan. Game needs patch? moan. DLC too soon? moan. DLC too late? moan. Mustache making me look silly? moan

        you get the idea.

      • People even moan when they orgasm, your theory is proven!

  10. Kind of expected by now really, though due to my incredibly slow internet it is a pain. Also; I hate timed DLC.

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