No Local Co-op For Mass Effect 3

It has emerged that splitscreen and LAN co-op will not be present in BioWare’s upcoming sci-fi shooter, Mass Effect 3.

In an interview on the BioWare Blog, Mass Effect 3 producer Jesse Houston confirmed that local co-op wasn’t something that was being implemented in the title. Don’t despair though – Houston did say that “it is definitely on the table as something we might add,” which at least offers a glimmer of hope that one day you might be able to shoot some Geth with a buddy sitting right next to you.


In the same interview, Houston also confirmed that Mass Effect 3 PC will require a one-time internet check when you first launch the game. Once you have authorised your copy you’re free to play the game offline as much as you want – draconian DRM this ain’t.

Finally, the new Kinect functionality for Mass Effect 3 demoed at E3 won’t be included in multiplayer because it would be pretty stupid if it were.

Source: Bioware Blog




  1. Would like to see the local split screen co-op, hope they reconsider and add it later.

  2. i understand some people have internet issues, but if you have the internet then why does it matter if there’s no system link, maybe split screen if you only have 1 console, but if your friend has a console just connect it to the internet and play, that’s what me and my friends do. Even when playing Skyrim (obviously solo).

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