[UPDATE] Mass Effect 3 Now Free For PS Plus Subscribers

PlayStation Plus subscribers can now download the PS3 version of Mass Effect 3 for free, and the game will be free to download until 16th April. This would usually set you back £15.99.

It is not yet clear whether this will form part of the PS Plus line-up for next month, which already has Dishonored confirmed as a free title on PS3. The full line-up for April is expected to be released sometime next week.


This is the second time that Mass Effect 3 has been part of the PS Plus line-up, being a free title in March 2013, so if you haven’t yet invested time in the sprawling sci-fi epic then now may be the time to do it, especially with Mass Effect 4 on its way

If you are a PS Plus member, you can download the title now by heading to the PlayStation Store.

UPDATE:  Sorry, it turns out the trial is free for PS+, rather than the full game. Apologies, Sony’s store pricing is rather confusing!

Source: VideoGamer



  1. Good that it’s come up again for those who didn’t snag it a couple of years ago. Also boosts the multiplayer count up a bit more as well, so I might return to it to mop up the trophies.

  2. I played many hours of ME3 multiplayer on 360 and PC.

    Might pick this up and give the PS3 version a bash. Could be fun starting from scratch again.

    Then I’ll get depressed because ME4 probably wont be out until next year, and the multiplayer probably wont be as good :/

  3. Well I’m happy.
    Not about ME3..couldn’t give a hoot but I was looking at buying Dishonoured and next month it’s freeeeeeeee!

  4. It’s not the full game. If you read the small print it says it is available for free as a one hour trial. Mega misleading that.

    • Ignore that, they have updated the description now. It is free foreverrrrrr.

      • Now I’m not sure if it’s free or not. I think it is a free trial, but as I already own it I can’t tell for sure.

      • Well, on the webstore (signed out) it shows as a free plus trial or buy it for 6.49 (PS+ price 5.84).

        Also Videogamer have updated their post saying that it isn’t free. So we should all just blame Videogamer.

      • I got it through the webstore as soon as this article appeared and i’m sure it said the full game was free. I don’t have access to my ps3 to check (I’m at work) but when I looked under my ‘Media’ page on my account, I clicked into Mass Effect 3 and it says ‘Game’ below it. I think they messed up the discount but quickly corrected it.
        I’ll check tonight.

      • Checked the email, no such luck: “Date and time of purchase: Total 25/03/2015 @ 12:42 PM £0.00 
        Details Unit of Price 
        Mass Effect 3 (Full Game Trial) £0.00”

      • There definitely was a store error of sorts, because there was a small banner saying ‘Exclusive’ with the PS+ icon next to it. It’s changed now, but I can understand where the mistake that it’s free comes from at a glance.

  5. Part of the Easter sale. All 3 games (or a bundle) for various cheap prices.

    Quite a few tempting offers in that sale too.

    If you’ve somehow not picked it up cheaply already, or when it was free for a weekend, PvZ Garden Warfare is enormous fun.

    Ni No Kuni is one of the most gorgeous RPGs ever, and knickers to anyone who doesn’t buy it.

    South Park: Stick of Truth is huge amounts of inappropriate fun.

    And Resonance of Fate is one of the more unique RPGs there is. With ridiculous guns.

    If you’re not tired of zombies yet, Yakuza: Dead Souls is quite simply totally mental.

    I just picked up Tales from the Borderlands. I knew there was a reason not to buy episodic games straight away ;)

    Also, Dynasty Warriors 8 is hours of entertaining slaughter. But makes your PS4 fans go mad.

    • I’ve never paid full price for a telltale season pass as they always end up on sale.

  6. Sony must have changed it in the last hour or so. The PS Plus banner said free but has now been changed to say ‘save up to 10%’. Very misleading. Still, £5.84 for PS Plus subscribers isn’t a bad deal for a game like Mass Effect 3.

    • I really liked the first two but felt something was off with the third. Maybe it’s because I didn’t play any of the dlc inbetween 2 and 3 but it felt like it was made by a completely different team. Still a great game but not as good as the first two IMO.

      • I think 2 is the best, the way it refined the shooting mechanics after the first game. Also the final mission is amazing! I just need to replay the whole trilogy now!

  7. is this another case of a trial mislabelled as the full game?

  8. It is annoying how the PSN store misleads so many people with the free trials. I think most of us have fallen for this trick at some point. Got excited about a game being free ad then discovering it’s not free at all. Not cool, Sony, not cool.

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