Mass Effect 2 And 3 Added To Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility List

Today is N7 day which is a day where BioWare dedicates everything to the Mass Effect series. It is a franchise that has a lot of fans due to its story, setting, and characters. While the ending of the original trilogy split the fanbase there is still love for the games, and with a new game for the series arriving with Andromeda in the Spring the timing seems good to playthrough the older titles.

Well it seems Microsoft feels that way too, adding Mass Effect 2 and 3 to its backwards compatibility list.


Along with that all of the Mass Effect games are now available on EA Access.

Source: Twitter

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  1. The cynic in me is starting to think all xbox 360 games could be made backward compatible but they just choose to release them like second release dates. After seeing red dead and now mass effect become compatible I started to think about it.

    Still a great feature and one I wouldn’t mind on the ps4 even if just to play the plus free games from ps3.

    • Part of the reason we only see ME2 and ME3 just released now is because they were double disc games, and MS only made double disc games possible on BC recently.

      It’s great to see lots big hits be revisited without a major charge for them.

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