New Vita Video Shows Off OS

Word on the street is that the video below might not be as brand spankingly new as I might have hoped when I started up the archaic TSA Towers laptop.  Not that it took that long to boot, mind, more that the video was apparently shown off at TGS earlier in the year.

Regardless, it’s new to me, and it’s new to the Japanese PSN, so I’m hoping it’s new to you.  If it’s not, well, you know where to complain.


It’s fancy pants from fancy land, though, isn’t it, with a side helping of extra fancy?  I mean, the slo-mo unboxing is creepy as hell, but once the video kicks off proper there’s some nice stuff on show.  I didn’t really like BubbleOS (TM) at first, but now I’m thinking that the XMB is looking decidely old skool in comparison.

Very Japanese in construction, mind, but then it’s a Japanese video.

We’ll have our grubby mitts on our very own Vita this December.  Next month.  My word, it’s a lot closer than I thought it was.  I’d better start saving up.

Via GAF.



  1. Wow, lovely UI animations. Very sleek and cool.

    The swipe to clear and multitasking thing is really cool.

  2. Interesting… now all I need to know is the release date for China…

    • Should be pretty cheap when released their!! Remember when I bought my ps3 from China in feb 2008 and got a new for £170 with 2controlls and 3games.

  3. Haha, slo-mo unboxing FTW!

    Anyway, interface looks really quick and easy to use. Can’t wait to get my hands on this

  4. That’s one of the worst UIs I’ve seen on a product in recent years. Those childish round icons and Wii like images are awful. I would much prefer a more adult like XMB experience. It is really quite off putting, even if most if the games look great. I wouldnt want to be navigating around that mess all day. Let’s hope there are alternative skins.

    • I thought that originally, but the page and icon system is actually incredibly clever IMO, where games can display more specific features without needing to launch it, a problem that current platforms have.

    • Ofcourse their will be more skins. But at launch their will probably just be the bubble one where you can change the wallpaper and icons.

    • Doesn’t look so bad or childish, and I kinda like the Wii stuff

    • I agree 100%.
      That bubble interface, and the fact that they actually named the console “Soy Margarine”, are the two main reasons I will never own one.

    • Try using the XMB Interface using touch gestures though. My guess is that it would get incredibly annoying as the wrong selection would probably be made regularly. The XMB is perfect on the PS3 with the DS3 but add touch to it and it would get a little messy.

      • Exactly, it’s hard enough with Move controls. While I do prefer the *look* of the XMB menus, the *layout* of the Vita is sweet.

    • agree, looks very kiddy. hope theres an alternative

  5. Awesome video, I love how Japanese promotions like this just present features clearly without any cheap motion graphics, PS Vita is looking like one of the most thoughtful, supported consoles ever. Sony really need to get change up their European marketing department though, unlike this video I can’t bear to view their website and tacky, childish promotional campaigns.

  6. Epic. Day one.

  7. I’m not a fan of the bubbles but it doesn’t matter too much as long as it’s intuitive and easy to use. The Vita itself does look quite splendid although i find myself wondering how comfortably positioned the thumbsticks will be in my hands, will have to wait and see i guess.

    • Not had a long play on Vita but felt very natural when I played it.

  8. Ive seen this video two times already but i wont complain.

    Its smooth, its delicious and it shows off a lot of features that we know very little about.

    hopefully next month we get bombarded with people playing the Japanese Vita and we get to see a bunch of new features and playthroughs of games.

  9. Impressive but has Sony really learned from the psp / psp go ?
    Having owned both I want Sony to do well but the online shop is shocking……..
    I wonder if the Vita can take back market share from the iOS gamers…

  10. Looks okay, maybe a bit busy. I’m all for simple. Were there some blue and red vitas in the background there?

    • I think they were PSPs to show you can play Monster Hunter multiplayer with non-Vita owners (on the PSP version of MH)

    • Was PSP, you can tell from the circle on the back.

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