Kaz On GT5 DLC and Gran Turismo 6

Kazunori Yamauchi is the CEO of Polyphony Digital, creators of the Gran Turismo franchise. He’s been talking to IGN about the state of play with GT5 and plans for future DLC.

Kaz says that the last twelve months of updates for GT5, which have been fairly regular, were done to “set up the basic platform”. Now that they’re finally happy with their base, we can expect plenty more DLC. That content will contain new vehicles (he mentioned trucks!) and should come at roughly two monthly intervals.


Apparently, Polyphony Digital is watching the reaction to the first DLC pack closely to decide what route to take with future packs.

Perhaps most interestingly, when asked about the difference between ongoing DLC support and development of the next in the series, Kaz had this to say:

Of course we’re working on GT6 already and I think what really will be the separating factor is something that we can’t update through a DLC is something that obviously has to be saved for GT6. Things that we can provide through DLC we will, so that’s really the market difference.

So there’s confirmation that Polyphony Digital is working on GT6, hardly surprising. Perhaps I’m reading too much into it but could that “market difference” mean a new platform? I can’t think of anything else that would prevent content just being delivered as DLC for the existing platform. It’s not as if they can make it look or sound any better on PS3, is it?

Source: IGN



  1. Well given the stupid developement time of GT5, GT6 will certainly be on PS4.

    • Or Vita.

      • Or Amiga.

      • Don’t go there Tony.

      • I have already submitted new vehicle textures on a disk labelled “things wot i did in deluxe paint….with a brush stuck in me bum”.

      • I hope you sent it in IFF format.

      • Stop it I’m getting all weepy for my Amiga days. Thank god for WinUAE :)

      • It would only take 62639 Amiga floppy discs to fit an entire dual layer Blu Ray. Makes Monkey Island 2 look sensible.

  2. I’m inclined to think that either Kaz mis-spoke or IGN mis-transcribed and that “market difference” should really be “marked difference”.

    • Perhaps.

      And when he says…”I think that will include cars and trucks that we’ll be releasing maybe once every two months or so from here on out.”

      …he actually meant cars and tracks?

      • That hadn’t even occurred to me. Surely IGN would have accounted for any mistranscription and checked anything that was questionable?

      • I would guess he meant trucks, he was talking to IGN and the top two or three sellers in America are pick up trucks.

  3. GT6 will be a launch game for PS4.

    And come out 3 years into its cycle.

    • Cycles, eh? Hmmmmmmmmmmm….

  4. Perhaps he may be referring to AI that actually has a clue about what is going on around them on the race track instead of the “get in formation before first corner, follow the racing line in formation for the rest of the race” level AI they have at the moment.

    • Possibly my number one hate in gt5. ruined all realism. If it had minecraft graphics but good AI it would be better. Love how they do the exact same thing EVERY time, and entirely ignore anything the player does… hm.

  5. “It’s not as if they can make it look or sound any better on PS3, is it?”
    Have you seen the standard cars or the smoke effects during a race? It does have its brilliant moments but it is far from perfect, even if we’re only looking at the graphics.

    • oh yes, but they could DLC the standard cars into proper, HD models and they’d be as gorgeous as the premium ones. The horrible particle effects might need addressed, if that’s possible, but I can’t see anything that needs improvement that could be done on PS3 but require a whole new release rather than just be DLC.

      • That I agree with but this could probably be said about almost any game out there. Just look at sports franchises.

      • 800 premium cars would be quite a large DLC, in GB. And that would mean that the space they take up on disc is wasted. So I don’t think they’ll all be premiumed in DLC, maybe some of them. I expect GT6 to be the game we wanted GT5 to be. Hopefully.

  6. So their really making a GT6? wow.

    i was wondering if they would just give up on the franchise after the lackluster reception but they seem to have high hopes for the next installemant, which is nice to know.

    i actually got to play GT5 at my cousins place a few months ago and even on a bulky non HD TV it looked fantastic (and driving backwards in go karts just so we could laugh like we were children again was so much fun)
    i am in no way a racing fan, but i still thought it was neat.

    also i recall hearing Kaz say in an interview that the next GT game would have to be on a new console so, yeah
    (GT6 on the PlayStaion 6, anyone?)

  7. Don’t forget guys Kaz stated previously that GT6 would run using GT5’s engine (with tweaks) rather than an engine re-build (GT5).
    So possibly a late PS3 (late as in not long before PS4 announcement/release) title or release/early PS4 title.

  8. Cool, nice to know we will be getting a GT6. I hope they release premium model upgrades for the standard cars as DLC.

    • I agree, I use the in-car view most of the time and although the basic in-car view for standard cars was welcome a proper cockpit would be much better.

  9. all i want from my gt5 dlc is more tracks tbh.

  10. They did say that GT6 would be out comparatively shortly after GT5.

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