Shocker: Modern Warfare 3 Sells Loads

In what could be the most predictable news of the year, it seems that Modern Warfare 3 is selling quite well. While there have been no official day one sales numbers like we got last year for Black Ops, Activision has stated that “the amount of players online is even higher than what it was this time last year for Black Ops”

I bet Treyarch simply adore that wording.


Some sites are quoting “multiple sources” (without actually naming them) to tell us that it’s breaking all sorts of sales records. While we don’t doubt the veracity of those claims, without official confirmation it’s a little early to be stating it as fact.

Figures being thrown around are all in the region of 9 million, which breaks Black Ops’ previous opening day sales record by roughly 30%. Considering that Black Ops is/was the world’s biggest selling entertainment product, that’s quite an achievement.

VGCHartz has even made up some nice graphs to go with their unsubstantiated claims. If these figures are in the right ballpark, it’s been a staggering launch for the latest in the Call of Duty franchise. Of course, without sources for the collected data or official word we can’t be sure they’re not just blind guesses but the charts certainly look pretty.

Our single player review will go live later today with the multiplayer review to follow at the start of next week.

Source: CoD Elite service status, VGChartz



  1. Whilst still unverified – Bf3 a staggering 5m copies in a week & MW3 9m copies in a day is just unbelievable for gaming as an entertainment medium for the mass market.

    • absolutely crazy figures. Dwarfs bf3, even though I decided not to buy MW3 this year, anything near that is mad.

      • Though I respect your right not to play any game, I just wanted to say I had a great time playing Kill Confirmed last night!

      • Kill confirmed is the best online mode I have ever played. Ever :D

    • Absolutely, I talked to an accountant this week that had no idea of the money that’s in video games these days. He was astounded when I told him some of the figures.

      This is our little niche hobby taking over the world and we should celebrate it rather than bicker about which modern military shooter is “better” or moan about CoD selling more than a JRPG.

      • That’s nothing to do with his job end everything to do with the ignorance of a large part of the population regarding an area they have little interest in.

        I’m a qualified accountant and know very well the numbers involved in gaming, doesn’t make me a yardstick for accountants, just someone that happens to be an accountant and a gamer.

      • ha, yes I wasn’t implying that he should have knowledge because he was an accountant, just that he happened to be an accountant and he expressed surprise at the info I was giving him.

    • add uncharted into that along with skyrim and its been a very very good couple of weeks for the industry

      • I would go as far back as Gears of War 3 tbh, and even though the ‘End October, Early November’ rush is the main release window, the industry has had a very good couple of months

  2. That graph is hilarious, looks like something off ITV news. Luk I mayd a pritti pikcha 4 da stoopid vyewers.

  3. Lets play a game:
    One drink every time you see a poster who tried to downplay/dismiss Uncharted3 sales figures as “shipped not sold to consumers” post the same thing about MW3 sales figures.

    My guess … it’s going to be a dry Friday!

  4. Highly deserved sales. Really good release this year (unlike Black Ops which was a little flat). The survival mode alone has given we hours of entertainment thus far :)

  5. While it is little more than an expensive map pack for MW2. I’m prepared to admit that I’m having fun with this. I really like the fact that capturing an objective now counts towards your kill streak.

    I’m ashamed to admit to buying Elite too, but it is a real term saving on the cost of the DLC which I end up buying for my brother anyway.

    • Balls to that, why be ashamed of buying something you’re going to enjoy? That’s what it’s all about dude.

    • Why are you ashamed about having fun?

      I don’t understand this. Just because a lot of people like something doesn’t mean you lose your individuality for liking it as well.

      I really like sex and burgers. I’m not going to stop liking sex and burgers because lots of people like sex and burgers too.

      • you forgot to mention that you pay for sex and burgers! :P

        On that note, I’m sure a lady of the night would increase her business opportunities if she offered that service! A new take on the burger and beer deals

        Ive gone on for far too long about this subject. Home to the mrs, where sadly, there are no burgers!

      • thinking though, you don’t want a burger before doing the business, that could end up very messing for both people….yuk !

      • mmmmmmmmmm here’s a thought:

        The sex burger.

        Now how would that work?

  6. An amazing figure 9.5M, must admit i was left more then alittle disapointed though with the game, single player completed on normal in 4 hours (will do on veteran and complete coop too as i enjoyed them on MW2) and the multiplayer to me isn’t much cop against BF3’s. Just an opinion so please don’t flame lol

    • No flames here! Everyone is entitled to their opinion!

      I prefer MW3’s SP to BF3’s. I prefer BF3’s MP to MW3’s.

      If I’m looking for a quick blast however I usually stick on MW3’s MP. Maybe because I’ve had about two disconnects on MW3 and about 2,000 on BF3.

      • I agree that Cod is better for a quick blast. Can usually be in and finished in 10 mins. No-one in the history of the world has been able to have a quick blast on battlefield…… lol

      • I really feel like BF3 and MW3 are really starting to diverge now, which is great – there really is room for both in your collection… BF3’s objective modes and proper focus on team playing is better than MW3’s, but then again, like above, MW3 is great for a few quick games, and IMO, BF3s TDM isn’t really up to much

      • I cant play battlefield for a short time. When I’m in (obviously the games take a fair amount of time to finish) but I cant stop at just one game, and then I end up playing for ages, forget to eat, drink, wash……. lol

      • Agreed with SpikeyMikey.

        There is more than enough room for both franchises. People who flame either franchise are not true gamers in my eyes. A gamer likes to game. A gamer likes when games are successful. A gamer is not someone who criticises another gamer for liking a game.

        Sure, there are games I really don’t like but I’m not going to tell someone who likes that game that they’re wrong or stupid.

        People with forum names like “CODSUX” and stuff like that? Not real gamers in my mind. I wouldn’t even give them the time of day.

  7. What I don’t understand is that if CoD sold almost double that of BF3 in the very first day, how come more of its users aren’t upping the user score on metacritic?

    • Im assuming a lot of cod players have a ps3 / xbox for cod and fifa. thats it. nothing else interests them. they dont check the internet. they know when cod/fifa etc are due and thats good enough for them.

      • Yeah, I know too many of those. Really frustrates me on how much they’re missing out!

    • Difference between buy and actually liking it, i just had a quick red of some of the user reviews on meta and the general statement is that it feels like an addon instead of a standalone game, shocked that the aveage rating is 2.6 though.

      • The fact that you just quoted “Metacritic User Reviews” about anything means you instantly fail the internet.

      • The fact that you fail to realise that it has been a hot topic since launch & that the devs have even pleaded with users of MW3 to up the user score means you instantly fail the observation test.

        Well done. :)

      • “The fact that you fail to realise that it has been a hot topic since launch.”

        I’m sorry but this is not true.

        The issue with Metacritic user scores has been going on for a long time. The sooner we stop talking about these scores the better in my opinion.

      • It IS true though – It has become more of a talked about subject since MW3 has received such pitiful scores.

        I wasn’t saying that they aren’t often biased, fanboy fuelled soapboxes, but i was just pointing out that there have been a few stories i have read recently based around this very thing, so it’s entirely relevant to the subject.

        I also wasn’t saying that user scores should be trusted as a viable source of information (due to the points raised above) & any user ‘review’ (which often they are not in my experience) should always be taken with a pinch of salt.

        Unfortunately to stop talking about them won’t make the issue go away either.

        It was the fact that the developers are so concerned by them that troubles me – I know some people could be swayed by a figure, but most of us will either know better than to trust the low scores or have the product anyway, so it won’t matter.

  8. Love how this article was posted at 11:10 :). I did try scheduling something on SF for 11:11 but my server stupidly doesn’t correct for daylight saving, so it went out at 10:11 :/.

  9. You know it’s weird come to think of it….
    My cousin bought 2 MW3 PS3 and Xbox 360, now I know what your thinking, why have 2 when you can stick with one?
    His reason….. wait for it….
    “When I finish MW3 on PS3 and everything 100% I can now do the same on 360. I do a bit of both in a day just to try out all weapons and all modes, plus I have friends on both consoles so if I have 6 on PS3 playing and 2 on 360 I go to PS3 as that is the most friends playing MW3…..”

    I was in awe but that’s who he is he loves CoD franchise – big fan!
    But not to be rude here as I am expressing my opinions, is it possible that MW3 is so popular due to 2 copies per pearson like my cousin?

    Happy to respond but in a positive manner please!

    • he makes sense,if he really enjoys the game i dont see why he shouldnt do what he my case though,i have never bought the same game for both consoles.i would rather spend that extra money to get a new game.i dont think that 2 copies per person contributes to the overall average of the amount of games sold,the reason is: that alot of people dont have 2 consoles,in general people choose their console of choice for multi-platform games and stick with it and i dont think that alot of people have the money or the want to buy 2 of the same game.

      • I am pretty sure that if 2 copies are sold (whether it is to the same person or not), that will more than likely add 2 copies onto the overall total of copies sold.

    • I can see this making sense if he arranges games outside of the console (such as places like this for example) – However, if he just arranges/jumps into games via the console itself, its a bit self-defeating as he would have to make a decision on which console he was going to check first!

      I can see the point if he has specific days/times arranged for playing on each though.

  10. Do you feel better for that? My comment was simply an observation / opinion on this game and it’s user base (I know that might seem odd on a games news and OPINION site). Just seems that for a game that sold so well to have such low scores by it’s users to be odd. Please feel free to spam again if it helps go further off topic ;)

    • I feel fine, thanks.

      Your observation is valid. I didn’t say that it wasn’t. I’m just tired of people (and sites) talking about MC user scores. They’re worthless and I don’t know why people give two hoots about them.

      I apologise if my comment was taken harshly. It wasn’t directed at your (valid) observation but the underlining problem that is MC user scores.

      • I suppose therein lies the problem, you’ve had enough of it but unfortunately the games industry cares a lot about how their content is viewed *cough game of the year awards coming up*, this is reinforced by activision themselves trying to get users to up the score on metacritic, granted I could go on and rate it 5 out of 10 because from my current experience of the game it’s nothing special, but with my view aside out of the 2616 current ratings on there, how many do think actually rated it low they thought down with CoD?

        I personally won’t take offence to your comment as to be honest your just a faceless forum poster to me and your opinion is your own, but having an opening gambit of you fail never helps as it’s not constructive in anyway shape or form to a discussion and leads to people looking at your post as just trolling, that’s all I’m going to say and I’ll walk away now.

      • I agree with you about Activision asking for people to go rate their game. I don’t think it’s a good idea for any publisher to do that. That’s actually giving credence to these bullsh1t scores.

        In my opinion it would be better for a publisher to say nothing about these scores. After all, they’re hardly going to influence sells now are you? HOW many million did they sell?

        Apologies again for the fail comment. It was stupid of me. Sorry.

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