2nd Indie Royale Bundle passes 25,000 sales

The Indie Royale ‘Difficult Second Bundle’ has passed the 25,000 sales mark.

Due to the milestone Indie Royale has added 2 more games to the bundle, which are Bullet Candy Perfect & Irukandji. Indie Royal has also included some add ons for one of the other bundle games, Fate of The World, including the full soundtrack which has been composed by Richard Jacques, who also worked on Jet Set Radio.

The Indie Royale bundle series runs on a unique model where price will automatically increase as more people buy the bundle. Generous purchasers, however, can help lower the price for everyone else by choosing to pay more than the current minimum, earning a mention on the front page of the site in the process.

The full bundle now consists of:

  • Nightsky
  • Fate of the World (including all Steam DLC plus soundtrack)
  • Scoregasm
  • Ben There, Dan That!/Time Gentlemen, Please!
  • Irukandji
  • Bullet Candy Perfect

Currently the minimum price is $4.04 (approx. £2.50). Sales currently stand at almost 29,000 units..

Source: Press Release



  1. It is a brilliant idea.
    I think I bought the second Humble Indie Bundle & it had a system where if you paid above the average, you got an extra game. A great way of pushing up the average & encouraging people to give more generously!

    • The last one (don’t know if it’s still active= added two games and then two more. It’s awesome!

      • that = is supposed to be a )

      • Humble have used that scheme every time since the second one.
        The first day or so you pay what you want, and inevitably, the cheap [bleeps] that inhabit Pirate Bay and what have you come along and go “LOLZ! lotz ov gaames 4 a cent/penny! HAHA” and the average plummets. Then, they add the condition that if you pay more than the average, you get a bunch more games.

        Oh, and the latest Humble Bundle is still going until some point today, I think. It’s got the rather snazzy Voxatron game, and a fair bit more besides.

  2. Oh controversy, spent £4 remaining on Skyrim on Sonic 3 aaaagh!!

    Will pick this up soon, bought the last… though this one has more interesintg things

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