Bargain Weekend: PC, Mac, Android & iOS

With three separate deals across a variety of platforms, this weekend represents a great opportunity to expand your game collection whilst keeping an eye on the pennies.

Indie Royale for PC and Mac.


First up is this fantastic, spooky Halloween inspired bundle from Indie Royale. The titles in the bundle are available to anyone who beats the minimum price, currently just over £3.00.

  • Sam & Max: The Devils Playground (full season) – PC & Mac
  • Home – PC
  • Pathologic – PC
  • MacGuffin’s Curse – PC & Mac
  • EvilQuest – PC
You can checkout all these games in the bundle trailer below.

Rockstar iOS and Android Sale.

Next up is a special deal from Rockstar, celebrating the 10th anniversary of GTA: Vice City is a chance to grab Grand Theft Auto III at the bargain basement price of 69p from the App Store or Google Play.

EA’s iOS Sale.

Rounding up this weekend’s bargains are some scarily priced EA titles across iOS platforms, featuring discounts of up to 85%.

  • Plants Vs Zombies – iPad
  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – iPhone/iPad
  • Madden NFL 12 – iPad
  • Burnout Crash – iPhone/iPad
  • Trenches 2 – iPhone
  • Real Racing 2 – iPhone and HD – iPad
  • Scrabble – iPad
  • Real Racing HD – iPad

Source: Indie Royale, Rockstar, Google Play, EAMobile Daily Deals.



  1. GTA Chinatown wars is also on offer for 69p. All in all…some sweet deals there.

  2. Picked up GTA3 seems to run ok on the Touchpad.
    Thanks for pointing these out, would have passed me by otherwise.

    • No problem.

      Presume that’s the HP Touchpad, running Android that you’re referring to? If so games like GTAIII are much better gaming experience if you link a controller to it, like the PS3 Dualshock 3.

      • Yeah it is, sorry should have been clearer. Yeah I was thinking that. Will have to pick up that app too.

      • If you’re running ICS or above you dont need to buy any apps.
        Just plug the controller in, use it for 5 mins or so and it will auto sync. Then you can unplug it and crack on via bluetooth. :-)

        However. If you recharge the controller via PS3 you will have to re-sync to the tablet.

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