Pre-Order Disney Infinity From ASDA, Get Free Figure

If you’ve not heard already, Disney Infinity has turned out to be quite the surprise. Truth be told, we were quite concerned about the game when we first caught wind; Disney had effectively shuttered develop on all other games, dedicating its full attention to something that resembled a Skylanders-esque cash-in.

Well, the title has been out in the US for a couple of days now and reviews are mostly positive. Combining creation with solid platforming action, it’s a strong start for the innovative platform.


The reception has no doubt swayed a number previously-unsure punters into last minute pre-orders. If you’re in that category then here’s the best deal going.

If you pre-order the starter kit from ASDA Direct, you can throw in any individual figure for free. So, for £47-52 (depending on console) you could potentially bag yourself almost £75’s worth of value. There have been reports of check-out issues though these seemed to have cleared up this morning.

The offer is pre-order only, so it’s very unlikely we’ll see the same deal in-store on the day of release. Even the £52 price-point will be hard to match up and down the high street.



  1. Holy crap, the Disney figures seem to be up to 4 times the cost of the Skylander figures.. :O

    • Somewhat true, yes. Skylanders characters were originally £8-16 (depending on size) but there have been loads of discounts over the past few months.

      Though the figures are cool, I find the Skylanders games pretty dire. Personally, if I do buy additional characters for Infinity, they won’t be individual.

  2. Yes you can get one free but it only unlocks multiplayer for that film, no extra content as the free characters are all for films already included in the game

  3. The individual characters only cost £12 each and the three character pack costs £25. I think that’s pretty reasonable when you get 4-6 hours gameplay per character and good replay value.

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