Dead or Alive 5 To Push Current Gen Consoles

Yosuke Hayashi, Team Ninja’s head honcho, has been speaking with VG247. He told them that Dead or Alive 5, the next full console release for the franchise, will exploit the full power of HD consoles.

The game was announced in September but has no firm release date and will probably only appear on the Xbox 360 and PS3, something that Hayashi noted when talking about the other fighters around just now.


You see a lot of fighting games come out now that are really easy to pick up and play – and play online as well. Really simplistic fighting games. You just get ready and go.

For us though, we thought ‘that’s okay,’ but we really wanted to bring a new dimension to fighting games. We wanted to evolve, and create something that really uses the current generation systems’ full potential.

What would a fighting game be like if you took the base of a fighting game, and upped that 100%? Used up all the machine power of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360?

That’s something that we wanted to do – something that you can’t really port onto a handheld, something that can only be done on these consoles.

Which seems like a pretty clear nod towards Street Fighter 4 and Capcom’s willingness to port that to portable and mobile devices. Although clearly not a bad thing, SF4 has been rightfully very successful, it’s nice to hear that a studio plans to wring as much out of the consoles as they can.

Source: VG247



  1. So I guess this means it will have the most advanced jiggle physics possible on current gen consoles. :-P

    • Textures could be amazing, hopefully they have a…have.. a custom character creation with adjustable Chests *cough*

      • If it aint got sixaxis bounce, it aint worth an ounce! XD

  2. I wish people would stop saying how they’re going to max out consoles. People have been saying it for years, then Naughty Dog come out and curb stomp them all. Then everyone nears them, then they do it again. Just make the bloody game and stop with the nonsense. /rant

    • New Daz Colgate, gets teeth and clothes 100% whiter than old Daz Colgate, which was crap.

  3. Yay, liked it on 3DS, glad its coming to PS3reeeee

  4. I think this is bad…
    If they max out the game’s performance on the consoles, that means we can expect frame-rate issues, and that’s VERY bad for fighting games.

  5. they’ll focus on three things if the game is anything like the previous titles.

    1: the biggest bounciest breasts they can fit on screen.
    2: ai that reads your input can react to it before it even sends the instructions to your character.
    3: the cheapest, if not outright cheating, bosses and just to make sure the boss is extra annoying some full screen effect that means you cannot see what’s going on even if the ai has decided it’s your turn to win, which it rarely does.

    what i’m saying is the games are good, but the bosses and the ai, are just shit.

    against another human player the DOA games are fantastic, though that doesn’t fix those frankly ridiculous breast physics, seriously, have they ever seen a real woman?
    if they can get the online play to actually work smoothly it could be awesome.

    whenever i’ve tried playing a doa online, it’s invariably turned into a slideshow.

    personally, i can’t say i’m reassured by the way they’re talking here.
    it sounds like all they care about is making the game look good, i know, a doa game where they focus on looks over gameplay, like that’d ever happen. >_>

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