Telltale Games & The Jurassic Jeep Situation

Telltale Games has become embroiled in an argument with Jurassic Jeep over supposed damages to the vehicle, which it used in a promotional capacity for Telltale’s Jurassic Park game, which releases this week.

The story begins when Jurassic Jeep accused Telltale of damages while they had the vehicle, via a thread on Reddit. Jurrasic Jeep states on its website that Telltale did not cover the insurance and also “took the Jeep for a joyride.” The company wanted reparations to carry out repairs.


Boomerjinks, the Reddit user who posted the thread, said they “haven’t heard from TellTale in months regarding this issue.”

Kevin Bruhner, Telltale Games CEO, responded to the situation saying:

The Jeep was damaged on the way to Seattle, before anyone from Telltale ever saw or touched it. Telltale used the shipping company that the owner asked us to use. When it arrived we just saw an awesome, well loved, but also well used, Jeep. We had no way of knowing that anything had happened to the Jeep in transport, as it appeared in reasonable condition.

I’ll be writing a personal check to cover what we understand the damages to be – this way we won’t need to hash this out publicly any longer.”

So, that should be case closed right? Wrong.

A former Telltale employee, the same employee who dealt with the procurement of the Jeep for Telltale, has become a victim of some mob that’s angry at Telltale, according to another thread.

What he [Boomerjinks] calls a  “joyride” was the thirty feet we had to take the car to be inspected and the gas removed.

I received 83 phone calls (according to Google voice), 41 Facebook messages, and 19 emails…Some of the calls were threatening- one caller even asked me if I wanted to know what it was like to be raped. I know that most internet bullies are harmless offline, but the panic created by receiving multiple threatening calls and emails is uncontrollable

I’m going to say it now. No matter how you feel about a situation, harassing someone like people seemingly have here is not okay. In fact, it’s despicable.



  1. Wow that sounds really bad. What country did this take place in? Where I am that kind of stuff just doesn’t happen, that this can happen over such a petty incident is truly disgusting.

    On another note, I didn’t know this was out this week! Awesome. I was just starting to have Dinosaur shaped cravings ;)

    • It occurred in the US where Telltale are based.

      • this can only occur in the US :P such a stupid situation

      • Really? I have a mate currently on exchange in the US, I’ll make sure to check whether he’s been raped recently.

      • You might be right Origami, maybe I should read the IGN comments more often ;)

      • haha! told you so

      • Hey now. I’m an American. We don’t go around raping people and joyriding in movie themed jeeps.

      • You don’t? Damn, now I’ll have to cancel my plane ticket ;)

  2. People got that heated over damage to a Jeep? Really? Reeeeally? Get a life.

    • Just get a new JP paintjob and a better Jeep, simples

  3. The internet can be so impersonal and people throw insults with alleged impunity. With that in mind, isn’t it truly saddening to see how people can be towards each other during situations like this.

    • I disagree for some reason, bum-face.

  4. Wow, that’s awful

  5. It’s disgutting that Jursssic Jeep resorted to airing their despute so openly on the internet, which has do doubt led to this angry mob hassling the former Telltale employee. Wh ycouldn’t they have resolved it through Judge Judy, everyone else in America seems to use her to solve petty monitory disputes?

    • Exactly. Or Rock, Paper, Scissors.

  6. Utterly shameful and the most disappointing thing is that I’m not even remotely surprised to read stuff like this anymore.

  7. Wow, poor guy, I hope the harassment hes been getting ends quickly.

  8. Yeah damn right! How dare Telltale damage a vehicle. They are disgusting…..hold on I’m confused……ahh yes thats it…How dare Activision make such a rubbish game they are disgusting….poor Telltale though, how unfortunate….

  9. It is a f****** car. Seriously, some people need to get a grip. I can understand the company thta owns the car being annoyed, but the rest. *shakes head*

  10. Seem like a lot of fuss over a re-creation of a generic-looking movie prop.

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