WeView: FIFA 12

I don’t think we’ve done a sports game before, so here we go. To be perfectly honest I’m not very good at FIFA myself, although whatever they’ve done to passing in this year’s edition of the long lived football franchise has helped me improve my game a lot. Of course there is the issue that I still get bored on occasion and decide that slide tackling everything in sight is the obvious solution, although that’s probably more my fault than a problem with the game. I may just need to be better at FIFA.

As you can probably tell by this point I’m stretching my FIFA knowledge a bit thin. Aside from being mercilessly beaten over and over by just about anyone who briefly decides that playing me is a good idea, I don’t really play FIFA that much. Fortunately, Peter actually knows what he’s talking about with football titles, so I’ll hand over to him for a moment.

FIFA 12 represents the biggest step forward for the franchise since ’09 invented the fast, free-flowing FIFA we know and love. It still has all of the fluidity and slick presentation that is the trademark of the series but it has added an extra layer of tactical know-how that will require some learning for all FIFA players, no matter how experienced. The new defensive system can be switched off completely but making the effort to learn how to use it will ultimately make for a much more rewarding game of football.

It’s a big, bold step to change something so fundamentally ingrained in the way every FIFA player approaches the game but it is an improvement on the technical, tactical side of the game that makes the whole experience much more realistic. FIFA 12 is a significant improvement on FIFA 11 and still offers the best football game that money can currently buy.

There that probably sounds pretty good. If you fancied knowing a bit more about it you can shoot over to full review, where it earned 9/10. It’s alright, go read it. I can wait.

You’re done? Fantastic. Now that you’ve read what we had to say about the game, it’s time to let us know what you thought. I mean this is WeView after all, that’s pretty much the whole point.

If you’ve got an opinion on this year’s version of EA’s footballing behemoth it’s time to head over to the forums and lets your opinion be known. Aside from just giving your opinion remember to rate the game on the Buy ItBargain Bin ItRent ItAvoid It scale so I can do a quick bit of maths and work out the community’s verdict of the game.

Remember though, you need to have your post written by Sunday afternoon if you want it included in the verdict article. Otherwise I’ll have written it and you’ll be left with a faint feeling of disappointment.



  1. But it. Best football game out there. Easy.

    • Then go put your view in the forums! That’s how it works :P

      • Oh, no I don’t think I can do that :-p

    • I agree, but it

  2. As far as football sims go, it is the best. You will easily get hours of gameplay out of it.

    If you are going to play any football game, get this one. Buy It!

    • Then go put your view in the forums! ;)

      • Oh that’s what that blue, highlighted, bold and underlined text is on the article…..

        Consider me there.


  4. Just put in my first and supa long weview. yay

  5. I enjoy it round my mates house, but not played enough to make an informed decision, still fun though.

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