More Firm Rumours About Next Gen Consoles

Edge is usually a source that steers clear of groundless conjecture. So, perhaps the rumours they’re publishing today should be treated with a little more respect than others we’ve seen floating around? Perhaps not. We’ll let you decide.

Apparently, Ubisoft Montreal is already working on projects relating to target hardware for the next Xbox. Apparently, the hardware is PC-based but built using off-the-shelf hardware supplied by Microsoft to roughly meet expected specifications. Finalised developer hardware is supposedly expected before Christmas with retail-ready hardware in the shops by next Christmas.


Edge is also claiming to know of at least one Sony-owned studio that is working entirely on next generation hardware projects. That same studio has apparently had some input into the graphics technology adopted by Sony.

Of course, until the platform holders themselves speak up about their plans, none of this should be counted on to be true. Speculation does seem to be gathering pace for an E3 2012 reveal though.

Both Sony and Microsoft will be acutely aware of the importance of getting to market early, with Microsoft’s jump on the PS3 giving them a big head start. Both companies will also be keen on the idea of stealing any potential thunder that the Wii U might be due when it starts showing seriously through the expo season next summer.

These are very definitely still rumours and conjecture at this stage but it’s all getting much easier to believe.

I think I’m ready for some new hardware, are you?

Source: Edge



  1. Give me new hardware Xmas next year/Spring 2013.

  2. They could call it the “Lex” Box

  3. It’s approaching time for new hardware, with MS focused on DX, now up to DX11 as superbly demonstrated by Battlefield3 on PC it would be surprising if they can get a console together capable of those sorts of graphics that could retail at ~£250 I really can’t see anyone coming to market with a £400+ console, it would surely bomb in this world economy.

    Still, quality games take 2+ years to make, so it’s not surprising if someone is already playing around with some hardware, between now 7 its probable release date price will plummet to hopefully consumer friendly levels.

    • The question is, what does Sony do…
      I don’t think they can gift a 1 year, almost 10m sales advantage to their rival again.

      • Depends on their angle this time round. Sony came into this generation well and truly from the wrong angle with uneeded features that would inevitably be stripped out, high prices, hard to design for hardware and as a result, bad launch titles. If they learn from their mistakes then there may be less harm than thought in giving MS a little lead.

      • I think it’s fairly safe to assume that Sony will want something within the same rough launch window as Microsoft this time, at least to get closer in the massive US market. And they have enough first party studios that a decent launch window of software isn’t out of reach either, while they wait for a bump in 3rd party support.

      • I struggle to see how sony can release a new home console in the £250 range next christmas with the ps3 only just hitting the 200 range. I also can’t imagine sony want a ps4 and psvita having their first proper christmas’ at the same time

      • I don’t think anyone in their right minds expect a new console to cose £250! Even the 360 didn’t cost that at launch! I think the £350-399 mark is more realistic.

      • I just think people who have a 360 will buy the new xbox and people who have ps3 will buy the new playstation. There will have to be some pretty good reasons for people to change one way or other. A lot of people have invested a lot of time and effort into building their trophy level/gamers score and will want to continue that over to next gen.

      • Also it didn’t really affect Sony because in the long run, PS3 won. MS got what it deserved. Whilst PS3 surprises us gamers every year with games that push the PS3, 360 doesn’t, it’s out of steam.

        £450 for a PS4 is the right price in 2014. PS3 can go another two years easily.

      • Personally I think that anyone that thinks Sony got it wrong this gen is an idiot.

        Sony did it perfectly right, they released their console when it was feature complete, when it was reliable, when it was (almost) affordable.

        The ones that screwed over consumers are Microsoft, they rushed theirs out the door in a half finished, barely working condition, and expected gamers to suffer from failures, disc scrathing, multi-disk games and a split feature-set when some of the console had a HDD, others did not, meaning few games took advantage of the HDD.

        Pretty much every launch PS3 owners is still playing his £400 investment, and it’s still bang upto date 6 years later, supporting the latest Blu-Ray, HDMI, and 3D features.

        Pretty much every Xbox owner has bought multiple consoles in that time, and paid hundreds of pounds in online subscription fees.

        So really did Sony get it wrong? Or did braindead games “gift” Microsoft in exchange for a beta console and a pay upgrade to the real one a few years down the line.

      • @Awazye Really? I don’t think either console “won” and Xbox is certainly going as strong as ever in the sales department.

        @TrialbyFire Where are these figures like “pretty much every PS3/Xbox owner” coming from? I’m afraid I stopped paying attention to your comment when you had to call people who have other opinions “idiots” and “braindead”. Id rather read what those people have to say as they don’t have to resort to name calling.

      • Most of the delay in getting the PS3 out of the door related to blu-ray manufacturing problems – something that shouldnt’ be a problem this time around.

        Gonna take a guess that the Sony studio with input on the graphics is Guerilla Games judging by their prowess in the field and they might have been a bit quieter than other devs over the last few months. Killzone 4 as a Launch title would be one hell of a plus point…

      • although i agree with most of what trailbyfire is saying you can’t pretend that sony haven’t made mistakes and from a purely business point of view Microsoft have done better. for me the ps3 is a better console as it has more of the features that i want although for anyone else that could be different.

        @ag i though it was a known fact that xbox’s had a higher fail rate then ps3’s and there defiantly was a problem with the older models with disk scratching and anyone who’s had xbox since launch will of easily paid out hundreds of pounds in online fees. i thought these were common knowledge so I’m guessing I’ve missed your point lol

      • ooommmmmm he called them names!

      • @David Saying “pretty much every PS3 owner is still playing his £400 investment” is what I’m referring to, because it’s nonsense.

      • You make some very good points there TrialbyFire, although the execution leaves a bit to be desired.

        Some of the points however are a little flawed, mainly the reliability comparison. I am on my 3rd Playstation, the first i didnt treat well, granted, but the second (and current slim) I treated with great respect (mainly through fear of a repeat performance) and guess what? Precisely 18 months later it went, the exact same length of time my first lasted.
        I am now expecting my current slim to meet its doom in another 6 months when it reaches that magical best before date.

        Sony, as you point towards, put out a future perfect console but it was at a cost, the consumer couldnt wait for the next gen gaming machine and so many people jumped ship which is still yet to be clawed back. It was a risk and maybe at the final hour it is paying off for Sony but its been one hell of a rough ride that im sure they dont want to let happen again.

      • Did Sony really put out a future perfect console? I think not. I’m as much a fan of the PS3 as any fanboy (not calling you personally, merely a reference) but to say Sony got the PS3’s early life right is a lie. They launched with a price nearly £150 more expensive than the 360 at its launch, my launch day PS3 with 2 games and an extra controller cost me £515! Hardly pocket change. Not to mention they made the architecture hard to design for, deterring devs for the best part of a year and a half and had a bunch of uneeded features that were eventually stripped out, it was then when the price dropped that the PS3 started to shine. So yes, the PS3 now is a good games console, but at launch it was not a future perfect model, the proof being merely that it had to be changed to sell.

      • PS3 won from a gaming aspect. MS missed out many features where as Sony over looked the RAM.

        Also if people can buy £500 iPhones and iPads every year, I’m sure If the next console is a huge upgrade, people will buy it.

      • @jayjay By future perfect i mean it is has capabilities to outlast the rest of the market. While its main rival has all but hit the wall it is still rolling on producing better games and apps. All the while not requiring the consumer to shell out for its (sub standard/ inferior) online.

        Yes it has taken time to grow and develop but the Xbox has seen none of that, what was bought day one is what is still there now.

        Il admit, that does sound very fanboyish, which im not, would love to have owned an xbox but couldnt justify myself owning both and paying for online (plus i love blurays :D ).

        Future perfect for me means the hardware has the capability to adapt.

      • £450 for a console are you crazy! I agree with the £250 – 350 price range but £450 holy crap. My gaming PC was £500 (which I built myself, and as a result I saved ALOT of money)

        I agree with you @AG2297 about how some people seem to be generating imaginary figures and calling people idiots, c’mon is it really necessary? I would understand Microsoft releasing a new console since the Xbox has been out for 6 years come the 22nd of this month. 6 years! Yes the PlayStation has better hardware ( It doesn’t make it “win”) then again it did cost £341 (for the 40Gb – And it didn’t even include a headset) at launch, where as the Xbox was only £279.99 for the top of the line one at the time. The reason I took so long to get a PS3 is because of the silly prices. If it’s a repeat this time round then I’ll gladly do without the next one, at least until it becomes more consumer friendly. Also this time round they better include a headset, even if it’s a cheapish one.

    • Consoles can also spit out more power than a PC with lower spec hardware remember. The unified hardware and lack of massive OS overhead help.

    • £250 is to cheap. £450 is the ideal price depending how it compares to a gaming PC.

      • £450 is a shocking price and kept so many people away (including me). I’m utterly convinced that Sony will try to nail the £300 mark again (think: PS1, PS2).

      • Would anybody be able to afford one though with all the doom n gloom and ever increasing prices.

      • the PC i built cost me about £500 and will last me at least the same amount of time the consoles have not to mention no need for more money on a pc to use to its cheaper still…

      • I would hope the PS4 comes in at around that £450 mark. To say the Vita will launch at circa £300 must surely indicate that £300 for the PS4 almost two years (?) later is ridiculous. The PS4 should be miles ahead, spec-wise, than the PS3, and the Vita and so how can it launch at a similar price?!

        Personally, I am ready for the PS4 to push console gaming forward, close the gap on the PC’s, and if that means £450 I will once again shell out that much for a quality machine. Hell, that’s what my PS3 cost, and that has lasted me since launch. The same cost 6 years down the line would be fine by me.

      • Yea i have no problem shelling out £450/€480 for the PS4, as i have for the PS3 on launch day, i’ve never had a single problem with my PS3.

    • Well, the X in Xbox does come from DirectX, and so it would be natural for it to come with 11. And it’s going to cost more than £250 if it’s to be more than a casual-gamer Kinectbox. I think £300-400 seems likely. And here in Norway that’s going to be about £500+… *sigh*.

      • Yup, Scandinavia isn’t great for prices. Our new games cost around the £55 mark (in store) – and in Norway is must cost slightly more.. :(

      • A new game in store usually cost about the same nowadays, about £55. Some places they can cost up to 65 though (they normally launch for £55 to get sales, and then they may jump up to £65 shortly after).
        As a result, I buy all my games from the UK for half the price or less.

  4. 4 new consoles in a year? that would be tough on the wallets if anything.

    • i’m with you here. the next gen can wait for a year more for my sake.

      • Thirded, no rush here.

      • If money is what people are worrying about then them launching next year shouldn’t be a problem either way. By the time you come to buy it, it will have had a price drop and a plethera of games with it. Everyone wins.

  5. I firmly believe that is should be called the NextBox. I am well and truly behind the name.

    • It can’t, what would the next ‘box be called? The “OneAfterNeXtBox?”?

  6. Am I ready for new hardware? Always. But I question if it’s really necessary.

    When you see the PS3 capable of turning out something like Uncharted 3, and realise that most other devs have yet to achieve a similar standard on current hardware, it makes you wonder if perhaps they should focus on getting the best out of what we have before demanding more power.

    That view is only reinforced when you hear incompetents like Bethesda claiming that PS3 development is no longer an issue, only to then see the stuttering frame-rate videos of Skyrim popping up on YouTube, proving that they haven’t really moved on at all from where they were 3 years ago with Fallout 3.

    I feel console gaming is falling into the same trap as PC gaming. Whenever devs don’t think something is possible, they just want to throw more power at it, rather than optimising what they have and making it work. Not sure if that’s down to laziness, or an over-reliance on pre-built game engines and an unwillingness/inability to tweak and optimise code, but as a gamer, I find it disappointing.

    • That’s basing off the assumption that Uncharted 3 isn’t already optimised to hell, which I’m sure it is…

      • I’m sure it is, but that’s exactly my point. If one company can create a title of such quality, there’s no reason – other than lack of ability or desire – that others can’t do the same. i.e. they want more power, so they don’t have to bother doing the hard work.

    • It’s got to make business sense, 3rd parties can’t spend 6 years crafting & optimising graphics like GT5. There is a point where a game just has to release.

      With new hardware you’ll be able to do a lot more without spending 1000’s of man hours optimising.

      • Uncharted didn’t take 6 years and neither did UC2 and they are graphically superior to any game.

      • I agree, but GT is something of a special case/anomaly, with it’s previous sales and massive fan-base perhaps earning them more leniency with deadlines than others would be permitted.

        It’s not only about optimisation, though. You think of Uncharted and how each sequel has taken just 2 years and gone from strength to strength. Then you think of the shambles that is Bethesda, and you have to wonder if they’ve made any progress at all in the last 3 years. With them it’s not just about optimisation – some of the bugs which make it into their games are so glaringly, startlingly obvious that you have to wonder if they perform any debugging at all. And that’s not just on PS3, that’s across all platforms.

        For them to have gone on record saying that PS3 development is no longer a problem, then turn out a game which is suffering the exact same problems (stuttering, lost followers etc.) as Fallout 3… you can’t help but wonder if they’re simply incompetent or deliberately taking the piss. You also have to wonder if they’d actually benefit from more advanced and powerful hardware, or just make bigger games with even more bugs.

      • I remember an interview I read with one of the guys from Sonic Team, in which he stated that back when they wer efirst party if they had a problem trying to get something running on hardware they would just phone the hardware guys up and ask them why it isn’t working. Now that they are a third party they have to workout the majority of it for themselves. The same could be true of Naughty Dog and Bethesda

      • Well Uncharted 1 was the groundwork for what followed with UC2 and 3 so basically you could argue that UC3 had around 6 years of optimizing. The all run on the same engine or optimized versions of the first engine, right?

      • What’s with the childish “want it now” attitude?

        All the main GT titles have always appeared mid generation 4-5 years in.

        This time around, you have the internet full of crybabies that want it sooner and then cry even more if it does not meet their expectations or has bugs.

        GROW UP, that’s what I say. A product is ready when it’s ready and not before.

    • Have you even played Skyrim? If you had you would know how much of a leap forward in terms of both graphics and reliability.

      Also if your comparing the visuals in a linear game like Uncharted to a massive open world like Skyrim then you’re an idiot. The playing field isn’t anywhere close to level in that example.

  7. If this is true, the Wii U is going to fail.

    • Dont rush in with that attitude too fast. Nintendo know what they’re doing…

  8. NeXtbox? Really?
    D’ya not think that is sorta close to the NeXtCube and the NeXtstation, made by NeXt?

    • It’s been the second nickname for the next Xbox, along 720, for quite some time, with varying populartiy. Here on TSA I’ve noticed it’s become quite a popular name the last months.

    • I’ve never heard of either of those consoles so who really cares? Surely it’s better than Xbox 720.

      • Doesn’t really matter if you or I have never heard of it, if there is something already on the market of such a strikingly similar name they would not be allowed to name it that.

  9. Cue yet more Apple lawsuits.

  10. I think with the way Sony has handled the PS Vita, they have learnt from mistakes made with the PS3, and by the time they release the PS4 im sure it will be much stronger against the next Xbox.

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