TSA F1 Championship Round-Up – Week 5

This week saw The Championship hit Silverstone, and it seemed drivers were short in supply with many contestants being unable to make the race due to prior plans. However, as usual, there was still plenty to tak about.

Group A

A depleted set of drivers showed up this week, with just nine drivers on the grid. Lee-ma had put in an absolute stunner to be on pole, ahead of Manorhowze by over a second! Everyone got away well, and James pulled a move to get past Manorhowze into 2nd place. Unfortunately, further back, Camdaz knocked into the unseen Keaneplay, sending both off the track, and giving them mountains to climb if they were to recover to the top half of the field.

Manor soon regained 2nd, but Lee had already started to disappear off into the distance. There was now a nice little scrap going on for 3rd place between Ro6afc11 and James. James’ driving was frankly out of sorts, and as Rob struggled to find a way past, this allowed Teflon to keep a grip on the pair of them too, despite making several mistakes of his own. In an attempt at a cheeky undercut, Rob ducked into the pits just after finally making a pass stick on James at the end of lap 3, switching onto the harder tyres, but was almost immediately caught out by the cold tyres as he engaged his DRS through the kink, spun and wiped out his car.

The Lee-ma, Manor, James and Teflon train pitted at the end of lap 4, with almost everyone else running a longer strategy. This allowed Asparagus_Hunter his 15 seconds of fame, as he got to lead the race (replete with another “I’m in the lead!” moment). However, he was soon re-passed by Lee and Manor, and returned to 5th after his own stop. He now had Camdaz (who had further adventures cross country with Darth_Newdar) chasing him down. On the last lap, Camdaz got his DRS, but lost time from correcting a wobble. Unluckily, Asparagus got it wrong a few turns later, and Camdaz was able to get past to snatch a last gasp 5th position.

With one race to go, Lee-ma, Manorhowze, AshGraham and James have all secured places in the finals. Keaneplay would need to beat Camdaz by 9 points to secure the final spot (or 8 points, and 4th position or better). No pressure!

Group B

Where to start!

We were also short on numbers this week with a couple of members unable to make the race due to important prior plans and others forgetting! We did manage to get 6 of us online though and after a bit of difficulty getting into a lobby together (when one joined, another got kicked!) we started qualifying. Or at least we thought we had but it wasnt too long until Chuggy was disconnected and we voted to do a restart. So, we began our second attempt. Once again though Chuggy was disconnected. It was at this point we agreed to start the race with the grid at random due to us running late anyway (Tonyyeb had guests coming over at 7pm don’t you know!) which allowed Chuggy to be brought back into the new lobby.

Finally, it was time for the race. Things started pretty cleanly with myself managing to lead the first few corners although after going wide on the next couple I managed to fall from first to last while trying to get back onto the track safely. At this point, Tonyyeb took the lead; obviously the rush of him needing to be free at 7 to greet his guests had given him some extra speed!

A few battles took place between Chuggy and Tomjakes, with Tom seemingly having the upper hand on lap and sector times but Chuggy managing to hold onto the higher place. However, all changed when I was disconnected and the host migrated. This was enough of a distraction for Chuggy to miss his corner, putting him in the wall with a puncture.

Congratulations to Tonyyeb on his win and thanks to  everyone who raced. As usual, Chuggy has provided us with a video of his race.

Group C

And now for the British Grand Prix! We had a few racers missing this week, which left us with only 8 racers participating in the race.

Qualifying was dry and as we set out Tom_Lord and Freezebug were the early pace setters. This continued to be the case, with Freezebug taking pole from Tom. Personally it was an interesting qualifying, I was fast but a little messy and despite usually being up through the middle of the lap I kept making errors in the final chicane and corner which would make that lap and the next lap invalid. This meant that with 3 minutes to go I had not set a lap, so I decided to go unspectacular and set a solid time putting myself third. Flippin qualified fourth with Kamikaze 5th, Snakefingers 6th, DavidSmall 7th and Origami coming in 8th.

For the first time in Group C the race was wet, although conditions were good enough for inters. The start was a mixed bag. For myself it went well, following Tom through into the lead. However, things didn’t quite go as well for Freeze.

In trying to stay out of trouble he hit a bollard and span, clipping Flippin in the process. Kamikaze also had issues, tangling with DavidSmall  and spinning. Later in lap one David and Origami had a coming together, resulting in Origami dropping to last and eventually quitting the race.

Further round lap one I passed Tom on the outside of Luffield and proceeded to very slowly pull away over the next couple of laps. Further back freeze was having issues and a few spins, whilst others were recovering from first lap problems. Kamikaze had closed up again on David, eventually passing him when David span. He then closed down on Snake before spinning again and handing the positions back to both Freeze and David, until eventually passing both due to spins and penalties.

I then made a mistake going into turn three ,costing me time through the next three corners. This let Tom close right back up and pass. As it was a wet race there would be no pit-stops so I decided to look after my tyres a bit and have some fun while waiting till the final lap. Tom and I passed and re-passed each other quite a few times always remaining close.

Going into the final lap we were nose to tail, until Origami quit out of the game, which caused the game to skip badly and allowing me to increase the gap to well over a second. At this point Tom was struggling with tyres as well as front wing problems and I quickly closed up, despite saving all my KERS for hangar straight. In Maggots, Tom ran a little wide and I seized my chance flying past onto Hangar Straight carrying a lot more speed. I deployed KERS, confident that I could hold the lead from here to the end. That’s when my fuel ran out…

Thinking that as it was a wet race fuel wouldn’t be an issue I had left it on standard revs the whole time, apparently leaving fuel at optimum. The readout was lying however and Tom got back passed. Despite this I closed back up through Stowe and had a good run into the chicane but Tom managed to block me causing me to brake, losing all momentum and giving Tom a well earned win.

This week we have a video of the race from the winner! Enjoy!


Remember you can catch up on the results tables in the forums over here and take a look at the videos recorded from our drivers over here. You can also see the current results tables over on the next page.

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  1. Phew! That race was epic! Loved every second of it, very close throughout!

    • You like going off track a lot, huh? :P

      • Tom uses the Touring Car line when driving at Silverstone. ;)

      • Yes, been watching some BTCC :) But the tarmac is there, may aswell use it!

      • I’ve found it goes a bit quicker on the grey stuff?

  2. I’m not one for blowing my own trumpet but congrats to all the winners ;) :D Oh and my guest was late anyway! Doh!

    • Seems like your driving improves when your under pressure tony. :P
      Well done on the win mate.

    • It seems so! I think there will have to be a few 50% Brazil meets in prep for the final.

  3. Silverstone ended up being a bit boring in Group A in terms of overtaking but it was still fun. Nurburgring should be interesting as im not consistent round there.

    • I don’t think anyone’ll be consistent at Nurburgring for the whole race and there’ll be a few penalties at the sharp S chicane. Looking forward to it though and hoping it’ll be dry but will get some wet race practice in!!

    • Not boring for me, I had quite a few incidents.

  4. So it’s down to Keaneplay and myself for 5th place. Should be a good battle.
    I was thinking I may miss the final race on Sunday as my router died and today was the last day to get it delivered, but luckily it turned up this morning.

    • Glad you’ll be able to make it on Sunday cam. Should be an interesting race all round I think.

  5. Some good races last week! Shame i missed the group B race though. Still back this week and looking forward to the patched version of the race(sort of…)

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