Guerilla Games Hard At Work On New Killzone

According to Edge magazine, which is arriving with subscribers today, Guerilla Games are hard at work on the next Killzone game.

The magazine features quotes from Killzone 2 and 3’s senior producer, Steven Ter Heide which seem to indicate that there is something more than Killzone Vita in the pipeline. That PlayStation Vita Killzone game is being handled by Sony Cambridge so the assumption is that this is a new instalment in the main, home console, lineage which is as-yet-unannounced by SCE – Killzone 4? Perhaps.

Coupled with the assertion, again from Edge, a few days ago that there was at least one Sony studio that had completely switched focus to the next generation of Sony hardware and you could be forgiven for reaching the hugely speculative conclusion that Killzone 4 for the PlayStation 4 might just be in development already.

Wild speculation, for sure, but it makes a certain degree of sense. What do you think?

Source: Gamerzines



  1. Oh. Maybe they’re making this in tandem with their new IP?

  2. The Killzone 3 multiplayer was just one huge disappointment. I hope they’ve learned from those mistakes, but it’d also be OK for me if they don’t produce another sequel.

  3. Maybe their current big project is building and implementing that [email protected]@dy patch in KZ3 multiplayer to cater for red/green colour blindness!

  4. Do i really have to say anything? :)

    its only fitting that all these 4th tilted PlayStation games would be already in development and for the PS4.

  5. Is that subtitle a Tom Waits reference?

    In my opinion Guerilla need a new IP. Killzone 3 is good but a bit of a cliche of an FPS. A new IP would allow them to throw off the shackles of Rico et al. I think a fresh start would allow them to push on from being a good developer to a great one.

    • you bet its tom waits. got to love that man. Yeah it would be nice to see them do something else but i guess sony want them to keep pushing a big name on the system but they seem to enjoy making it so i say let them have a 4th game.

  6. Killzone-Next is alreadyin development there are guys on linked-in with it in their CV..

  7. KZ3 was a great game imo love more of it.

  8. Fave fps and online multiplayer game. Love a bit of Thrillzone!

  9. Well wasn’t Killzone 2 in development for like 4 years? Surely that doesn’t make it any way the launch title and the consoles any close

  10. Loved Killzone 2 it was truely epic brilliantly tough and testing single player at times! and awesome multiplayer but when they released KZ3 which was awful brilliant too look at but it just felt like it was rushed!

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