Rumour: Feb 20th Event Could See The Reveal Of Killzone 4

Alongside rumours that Sony are hard at work on a PS4 racing game with Evolution at the helm comes fresh chatter that suggests Guerrilla Games are also readying something for launch, and it begins with a K. Can you guess what it might be?

That shouldn’t come as huge shock – the Dutch studio is obviously working on something (it’s mostly the Cambridge boys that are behind Killzone: Mercenary) but what’s interesting is a report that points to a February reveal, alongside the first glimpse of what most assume will be PlayStation 4.


Even more exciting? How about a release date of 2013?

As the source says, Sony were heavily criticised for their initial Killzone 2 reveal, above, which was a pre-rendered movie that the game didn’t quite manage to live up to. Killzone 3 was handled much better, but with new hardware under the bonnet hopes are high that Killzone 4 will be stunning.

Guerrilla are a hugely talented studio, we can’t wait to see what they’re up to.



  1. Wow, that would be a nice surprise if they do. But with a 2013 release, surely they wouldn’t confirm that if the PS4 isn’t even out in Europe till early 2014?

    Be well disappointed if it is early 2014 anyway.

  2. KZ4 would be a massive launch title for the PS4. Imagine if on the 20th of Feb Sony decide to announce the PS4 and run a live demo of KZ4… now that would be awesome.

  3. What we be more exciting: a Killzone 4 announcement and footage alongside the PS4 reveal, or the announcement of Guerrila’s new IP?

    Personally, i’m sort of torn on that question.

  4. Not really surprising at all. AS much as KZ would be nice, some new IPs are what I’d like more. Although I’d guess it’s much harder to sell a new system on new IPs alone. I guess those are more likely at E3? I’m more interested in the PS4 itself right now though, and what will happen to the vita. Will it be the PS4 version of the wii U controller? More games? Or just ignored… I want one, but I can’t justify it just yet.

  5. I Hope so! Bloody love the Killzone games

  6. Loved the original KZ, really enjoyed KZ2, disappointed with KZ3.
    Hopefully they turn the series around and bring it back to its roots, but honestly after the end of KZ3 I’m not sure where the franchise is heading. So even though I’m sure KZ4 will be a technically sound game and the PS4 will make it super shiny it won’t convince me to buy a PS4 on launch day.

  7. That trailer for KZ2 made me decide “I’m getting a PS3”. So a KZ4 reveal will probably do the same for the PS4!

  8. KZ2’s campaign wasn’t great, but the multi-player was simply fantastic. KZ3 campaign was stellar, but the multiplayer lost some of the soul from KZ2 – everything just felt slightly more generic. Hopefully they can nail both aspects in this next one.

    • bang on. KZ2 great, KZ3 meh. The multiplayer lost the bits that made KZ2 excellent. Hopefully they can pull something out of the bag for KZ4. Just get rid of tactical zones.

      • This. A lesson to all developers in how to ruin an amazing multiplayer experience: add tactical zones!

  9. I can’t see how KZ2 failed to live up to the CG trailer of 2006, I thought KZ2 was jugely impressive, with a decent campaign and an excellent Multi-player. KZ3 was a definae improvement so I think we can expect an equally entertaining one with PS4, and who knows what PS4 features may be used.

  10. With K3 being such a big dissapointment for me after the superb K2, the only thing that would excite me in K4 would be a Helgan campaign!

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