Rumours Of A Next Gen Evolution Studios (MotorStorm) Racer Surface

Just seeing that video above has to bring back a rush of happy memories from the PS3’s launch, right? MotorStorm, perhaps even above Resistance, was the game that epitomised the PlayStation 3 on day one – it was striking to play, absolutely gorgeous and just screamed ‘next gen’.


Evolution are hugely capable developers, and of late (apart from the Vita goodness that was MotorStorm: RC and the even earlier 3D Rift) they’ve been quiet. Too quiet. Working on a PlayStation 4 game quiet, we’d wager.

Indeed, others think the same, and although it’s hardly new information that Ged Talbot was snapped up by the studio when Activision broke up Bizarre, it’s exciting to hear rumours that something he might have been involved with may well be outed soon.

Talbot was lead designer at Bizarre, and worked on the sublime Project Gotham series of racers for the Xbox range of consoles. All you need to know is that he knows racing.

And Evolution know racing.

The same link above suggests that whatever Evolution are apparently working on was pointed in the direction of the Gran Turismo brand, but that didn’t quite fit. TheSixthAxis can’t confirm that either way, we’ve no idea, but it’s an interesting idea and suggests that this new racer – whatever it is – is something special.

So whilst Kris might be slightly wary of what Sony are going to show on the 20th, something from Evolution – even just a teaser – would be worth the hype.

A couple of other games, perhaps one from Guerrilla for example? Ah, that would be amazing.



  1. Another MotorStorm and another Killzone? While this may sound cool there better be something new next gen…

  2. I really hope it’s something new, not just the old Killzone stuff. I know they will have it, but something new would be excellent.

  3. Ahhhh Next Gen Racer. Will be buying that on launch (as long as the PS4 is affordable).

    Oh I actually dreamt it cost £200 last night. I wish!

    • In your dreams
      But something around £200 – £250 would be great, I’m dreaming too!

  4. Gotta love me a good racing game! I haven’t played MS RC yet but I loved Apocalypse. Hopefully they’ll have learned from the mistakes in that game though and try not to do a storyline. Keep split screen, tight gameplay, memorable courses and plenty of modes. That’ll catch a lot of attention.

    And hopefully Sony won’t try to release two racing games on launch day like with the Vita, Modnation got totally ignored next to Wipeout and paid the price.

    • No, I don’t think it helped that Modnation was getting poor reviews (I think?) and the news of it having no online MP must’ve put people off.

      it would’ve been against Ridge Racer as well and that was bound to have a couple of copies sold.

  5. Maybe they’re going to bring a new lease of life to wipeout? Can’t imagine Sony would abandon the ip.

  6. That really looks lovely, but I’m still holding my breath for a Final Fantasy Versus XIII next gen announcement. :D

    • Not sure if you think the video is lovely but that was from the original Motorstorm on PS3.

      Yeh a guy in NeoGaf said FF Versus XIII was coming on next Gen so it must be true ;)

      • Ah, I wanted to say “that really sounds lovely”! :D

      • Ahah yeh that would have made more sense ;)

  7. The very 1st ‘MotorStorm’ (Tech)Video was the best :P I watched that 10 BILLION times :D & the video is still on my PS3(with the original ‘KillZone 2’ Video) :P
    I loved the ‘MotorStorm’ games & thought the 1st one looked better than the next 2. But no in-car view was a big disappointment for me :-/ That in-car view on the very 1st(Tech) video was AMAZING! So hopefully ‘MotorStorm 4K'(on a 500GB 4K blu-ray, GOD i don’t ask for much) :D will have that view + 4 player split-screen with that (Tech Video) would be cool :P

  8. Something like the original Motorstorm is needed.

  9. I hope it has mud technology!

  10. Motorstorm RC is a cracking game,don’t normally buy driving games but this was a different type of driving game.The music tracks were well suited for the game.

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