PS3 ‘Order Up’ Trailer

A launch trailer has been released for the PlayStation Move port of the Wii game, ‘Order Up!’

The game made its waggling debut on Nintendo back in July 2008 and allows players to ‘experience the dizzying life of a top-notch Chef and restaurateur as they prepare all manner of exotic food.’


The game is out now with an RRP £34.99, but hunt around online and you can find it it about half price.  The Wii version of the game has a very respectable score of 76 on Metacritic.

Source: YouTube



  1. *Sobs*

    • *hands out tissues* I thought people were exaggerating. Boy was I wrong.

  2. Good lord.

  3. why on earth just why

  4. Please don’t let this be the start of Wii shovelware being ported over for Move!!!

    • That was exactly my thoughts when move was announced. It was surely only a matter of time right?

    • The start?! Racquet Sports anyone?

  5. they used Windows Movie Maker for that trailer, says it all really. also, it appears not to use the added info that the move controller provides, such as the orientation and angle of the controller, very poor.

  6. This is brilliant, *orders

  7. my eyes! my innocent eyes!

    • innocent eyes!!! God do not venture into the forums if you still have innocent eyes!!! :)

  8. Yeah, this going to bomb, hard. It’s shovelware and will have a very hard time trying to get someone to buy it on the PS3.
    Plus, i find the price insulting.

  9. Who says the Move isn’t hardcore?

  10. Thank GOD for ‘normal’ PS3 exclusive games this gen i say lol

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