WeView Verdict: FIFA 12

Well it would seem that although many of you play FIFA, not so many are keen to leave comment on it. Only four of you took part this week, and as my custom is to pick out four quotes from your reviews obviously everyone will get a mention this week. Perhaps there’s just not enough to comment on in sports games, so I may try and stick to story driven titles in future.

We’ll get things off to a start very simply this week, with just two sentences from citizeninsane45. However, they’re good sentences and put you in the right mind for the general consensus on this game.

As far as football sims go, it is the best. Improved gameplay physics and the various game modes now on offer will mean you get dozens of hours of game time if you are a footy fanatic.

Next we’ll turn to the game’s online, obviously a very big part of the FIFA experience. Although they do have local multiplayer and career modes, it seems obvious that many will find the online to be the focus. The improvements that tonycawley mentions seem a fantastic addition to the online, giving you a purpose beyond just having fun.

Previously in FIFA games I’ve enjoyed playing online but wondered what the point is, but now they’ve introduced an awesome league system. You start in league 10 and every league lasts 10 games. You’re given points targets for staying in your current league or promotion, it really is clever and really gives a reason to play online and rise up through the leagues.

Next we turn to a slightly mixed opinion from Sympozium, who focuses on the changes in this year’s defending and tackling engines.

Theres a new engine… tackles are fiercer than ever before, Rooney can chop peoples legs off with his special kick stamper attack and Northern Ireland can score against eh… the best in the world by outrunning the defence. The most annoying thing is how easy it is for the Computer to score like Man City… its a bit annoying that the tackling or defending never seems to be so effective.

For the final view this week we turn to a slightly over excited Mickey2010, who nicely rounds up the game. He also looks briefly at the game’s biggest competitor, PES, and it would be slightly odd to talk about FIFA without any mention of PES.

I always keep thinking that they cant top what they just did but they always prove me wrong! totally fantastic with a whole load of i,provements and alot more crammed onto disc instead of having to buy it months later on DLC it’s a fantastic game! i persoally love Fifa and i used to be a really big PES fan but after PES 6 i believe PES went downhill! just my opinion!

Now it’s onto the very brief verdict of FIFA 12. As I mentioned only four of you took part this week, and all four of you were in agreement. The rating for FIFA is a unanimous Buy It, some advice I may take soon so I can have a few games with the rest of TSA.



  1. I think for yearly releases of sports titles there should be another option. Upgrade from last years or not.
    I have Fifa 11, do I need to go to 12? I went from 10 to 11 and felt there wasn’t much of a change. I know Sypmozium mentions the changes but is it enought for me to get this or still play 11?

    • There are massive changes between 11 & 12, takes quite a lot of getting used to. Gone are the days of defending by holding x, not possible any more. That’s just one of many changes though, it really does play very differently, and what I said ^^^ about the online leagues really does make a difference.

    • The changes between ’11 and ’12 are huge. Biggest since the new engine introduced in ’08.

    • grab the demo and find out. id say its a big difference between 11 and 12 but very little difference between 10 and 11. so i know exactly what you are getting at

  2. What baffles me a little with WeViews is the lack of criticism that a lot of titles get – People are so quick to have a moan in the comments of articles, but when they get a chance to actually have their say & explain in more detail, they are nowhere to be found!

    I know from personal experience that the two or three titles that i have given a WeView for i have really enjoyed & a lot i haven’t played, so couldn’t really throw much in the way of criticism into the melting pot, but surely there must be more ‘Avoid it’s lurking in the wings somewhere??

    Perhaps it’s time for either a real stinker like Leisure Suit Larry, or Damnation or something or something controversial like BF3 or MW3 (i know there was one for MW2, but that was about a year & a half after release & still edged a ‘But It’ verdict!).

    • *’Buy It’ verdict.

      Don’t ‘But It’, i don’t even know how you would.

      • MW2 got an avoid it verdict in the Weview.

      • That’s funny – I counted 6 ‘Buy It’s & 4 ‘Avoid It’s.

      • Although i suppose it is possible that 2 of those could have been in after the verdict (as it isn’t like the thread is closed or anything).

        Still, my point is still valid in that there isn’t enough conflict in weviews – I of course don’t mean full blown arguments, but conflicting views for & against would help give a better picture on how things are, rather than pretty much every weview coming up as a ‘Buy It’.

      • I’d love that. I try and pick controversial games, but rarely do many stray from the consensus.

        As for Modern Warfare 2 it had seven ‘Avoid It’ and five ‘Buy It’.

      • Yeah, i tallied up from the forum posts earlier (as it was easier for me to find the thread than the writeup), but what i hadn’t noticed was that at least 3 of them gave 2 answers in the same post – 2 were for ‘Avoid’, but also suggesting that you ‘Rent’ for spec ops or if you were unsure & the third one started with a ‘Buy’, but by the end of the weview it was an ‘Avoid’! To be fair though, the latter was based upon the fact that it was getting old & MW3 was at least rumored.

        This is also the reason why i got 6 Buys instead of 5 (i noticed the Buy clearly written at the top & did not notice the Avoid mixed in with the text at the bottom).

        As 2 of the ‘Avoid’s also stated to ‘Rent’, i actually took those as Rents (correctly or incorrectly i suppose is speculative), hence why i only got 4 Avoids.

        Makes sense now.

        But yeah, more back & forth like that would be good – But less with 2 verdicts please, it’s confusing to old folk like me!

    • If i think a games bad, I’ll moan. Go look at what I put for infamous… lol

  3. I didn’t buy FIFA for the first time in 5 years because the PS3 demo annoyed me. I thought the focus on defending had ruined the game. However, my son bought it for his Xbox and after I had played a few games I realised I was wrong.

    Defending is now a skill that you have to master and once you get used to it, it seperates the men from the boys online.

    The online league system is a massive improvement as well with an actual reason to keep playing, a sense of achievement. I’ve also got into Ultimate team for the first time and the buying and selling of players is like a game in itself.

    It does mean I’m stuck playing it on my Xbox but it stops it from gathering dust and it also gives me something to fall back on when PSN is down, which is why I bought it in the first place :-)

  4. I don’t own the game but have played it a lot (over friends) and would agree with the verdict. If the user Fifaplayer is reading I managed to do the R1+X into the goal. Was awesome. More changes than there was from 10-11 also.

  5. This is just my opinion but I think these WeView topics would do better if people just had to leave their thoughts in the comments section on the article. I think it would get a lot more attention. I was going to write something for this (Absolute Buy It by the way) but I was on my phone at the time and didn’t feel like going to the forums to do it there.

    There’s been a few times where I just haven’t got round to heading to the forums to do it and I think there might be a fair few people in the same boat.

    So yeah, FIFA 12, absolutely fantastic improvement on last years, ’nuff said.

  6. I would definitely echo the ‘buy it’ sentiment.

    As mentioned earlier, I had reservations with the defending overhaul at first but it really does improve the game and make the defensive side as enjoyable and rewarding as the attacking side.

    My only criticism to level at the game would be that it was fairly buggy upon release (aren’t they all these days) and I also suspect there is some momentum based elastic banding hidden in the AI which can occasionally be frustrating.

  7. I would describe my experience of this years Fifa a little like striking gold only to polish it and find a turd.

    Hadn’t played a Fifa title since 99 so absolutely loved the slick presentation and variety of game modes. However over a month later that initial enthusiam has worn off. Once you scratch beneath the surface the games all begin to feel the same. No real varity in the way the AI plays, every player you control feels the same and online is just a shoulder button trick fest against Real or Barca.

    Traded my copy in for Skyrim last week and couldn’t be happier. Possibly the best game I have played on this gen consoles!

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