Dante’s Inferno Sequel On The Way?

Just over a month ago Visceral, the studio behind Dante’s Inferno and Dead Space was talking to Joystiq about their autonomy within EA and were questioned about the possibility of a sequel to Dante’s Inferno.

Their response was completely non-committal saying “I’m sure that if enough people are like, ‘I got 60 dollars for Purgatory or Paradiso,’ then we would make that game. But I don’t know. I don’t get to make those decisions,”.

Despite this vague denial about the possibility of the sequel we now know that it is, or at least was in development thanks to a blog bio by Joshua Rubin who is described as the sole writer of the unannounced project.

Recently, Joshua was the sole writer for a Major Unannounced Sequel from Visceral Studios at EA Games. (A hint…)

Possibly corroborating this is Rubin’s LinkedIn profile which states that he was working on an unannounced major sequel at Visceral from June 2010 to June 2011.

This is marked firmly as rumour for now, but as the original Dante’s Inferno was revealed at Spike’s VGAs in 2008, so fans may want to keep their eyes peeled at this year’s VGAs which take place in early December.

Source: SubVerse via: superannuation.



  1. loved the first one so fingers crossed.

  2. Despite what anyone says, inferno was no better then a Five, Six out of ten at a push. Dead Space took the crown from Resident Evil where survival horror is concerned. I followed inferno, those info vids trailers etc and the game just didnt deliver. If they make a second they really need to ramp it up massively.

    • All your opinion obviously, I personally loved it.

    • Dante wasn’t survival horror at all…

    • Dead Space isn’t even Survival? o.O

      Well I guess

      • You could say most games are survival in one way or another but its to early to be that picky.

    • I only played the demo but shouldn’t it be compared to God of War since those share the same genre? Dead Space and Resident Evil are something entirely different.

    • Dante’s a slasher. It should be compared to Bayonetta and Darksiders, not Resident Evil or Dead Space.

      • I didnt specifically mean the game. I meant the studio..

  3. Loved the 1st, great game, great world, couple of the levels a bit short, but the combat just that perfectly satisfying feel to it.

    Awesome soundtrack too

    • I agree 100%.
      Will defo buy a sequel.

  4. Awesome! Thought the first was superb, so much so it’s one my my six games or so I haven’t traded in :)

  5. Only played the demo, hack and slash isn’t really my style. that trailer was great though, I thought… Hadn’t seen it before.

  6. Ill be honest, i felt the first was a fairly boring effort, i could have been so much more…

    • Torally agreed. With games like God of War 3 being its competition it just lacked excitement. Dead Space is the game to follow from this studio. Inferno was boring, kinda like chips without salt….

  7. I really do want a sequel but Im not sure that the actual subject matter would lend itself to a good follow up to Inferno.

    • Yes, think it could be difficult, but given the ending of Inferno I just want to find out what happens

  8. Played the first few levels of the first. Didn’t really grab me. I heard it’s not that long, right? Might dip back into it at some point.

    • 8 – 10 hours I believe. I got the same feeling as you though, played a bit then put it down and never picked it back up.

  9. Another fan of the first one here :) The ending suggested a sequel, but it might be hard to produce something that didn’t just feel like DLC.

  10. I rather enjoyed the first one for reasons that I can’t quite put my finger on. It was inferior to GOW3 in almost every way but I liked it just as much.

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