New Xbox 360 Dashboard Dated

Since E3, Microsoft has been flaunting all the new dashboard features that are coming to the Xbox 360, and today we finally have a firm date for when everyone will be able to get their hands on it – December 6th.

This new update was originally slated to bring an entire lot of new features to the dashboard but, along with the release date, Microsoft also handed down news that some of these features will apparently take a bit longer to implement. According to Major Nelson’s blog, it appears as though the much talked about YouTube app and TV streaming services will be coming at a later date.


What will be included with this update is cloud storage, the new ‘beacon’ social feature, enhanced Facebook functionality, updated family settings, and Bing voice search. Not to mention a major face-lift that unifies standard and Kinect controls on to the same dashboard.

Anyone out there looking forward to the new look?

Source: Major Nelson



  1. It’s 2:00 am. Why are I or thy up? Also, misread the beacon feature as a bacon feature. You can tell I’ve only eaten cereal today, at about 4pm. Oh god – uni life…
    Youtube and tv are needed though, that sounds good.

    • Mmmm… bacon feature. Does that feature pop out a strip of bacon every time you unlock an achievement? The old Xbox’s run hot enough they could probably cook a strip or two each time you game.

      • Make it happen Microsoft. I’d go and buy one right now.

      • Not every time you get an achievement – too much work, just every time you ask, I think anyway. You reminded me of this, back when people said the PS3 looked like a george foreman grill…

      • Just thought – Kinect integration “xbox, bacon”

      • I remember that PS3 thing, I should have found a hot plate and turned my old 60gb into a skillet. Fun until I set the kitchen on fire … >:)

      • Kinect – Bacon! NOW!
        Kinect – Make me a sandwich!
        Kinect – Thank you, now go back to the kitchen.


  2. i,ve been trying out the new dashboard
    its very similar to the xmb now

    • Likewise, got into the beta…so i dunno how much i can say.

  3. More adverts, yaaaaaay.

  4. Read this on IGN earlier. I don’t own a 360 but the new interface looks a litter simpler to use than the last one. It’s sort of like the recent Vidzone update

  5. Well main things I was looking forward to we YouTube and the TV stuff.

    Oh well, at least I can play with the new layout soon enough.

  6. I also got into the beta and definitely prefer the new look. It’s easier to navigate and looks a lot smarter.

  7. the one feature i was interested in, and it’s not even there.
    i’m talking about youtube.
    though it’ll probably be restricted to gold users so i won’t end up being able to use it anyway when, if?, they finally introduce it.

  8. Get rid of IGN, Lynx etc adverts.

  9. Bacon social feature? :O …Oh.

  10. Sooo… are we going to get XMB 2.0 this generation or not really? ;)

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