TSA F1 Championship Round-up – Week 6

In our final week of the main Championship, not including the final which is a 50% race at Brazil, we hit the Nurburgring. This was make or break for some of our drivers as getting into the final would depend entirely on how many points they managed to grab in this race.

Group A

Manorhowze was the one to finally break the stranglehold Lee-ma had on qualifying, setting the fastest lap, on a beautiful, sunny Saturday afternoon at the Nurburgring.

The race was dry too, and we all got underway with some careful tip toeing through the first few corners. Of course, some people were able to take advantage of this, and Lee-ma snuck past for the lead he does so covet. Teflon was also a big loser, (if he says so himself) dropping from 5th to 7th, whilst Keaneplay’s hopes of stealing the final qualifying spot were diminished as he dropped to last place. There was scrapping throughout the field, though, and places changed often outside of the top half.

Teflon got a great run on the back straight of lap 1 whilst Asparagus and Spikey were squabbling, and went around the outside of the last chicane to retake 6th, and chase after Asparagus. Whilst Camdaz had a little play around in the gravel pit, and had to fight his way back up through the ranks again. Ro6afc11 and James were fighting over 3rd place tooth and nail until their pitstops on Lap 5. Manorhowze also briefly took the lead before taking too much speed into the tricky pit entry, and having to abort at the last moment (he wasn’t the only one either!).

After the pit stops battle was resumed, with differing strategies and poor in or out laps showing. Teflon had re-taken his “best of the rest” spot in 5th, whilst Camdaz leapfrogged past Keaneplay for 7th, and started to chase Asparagus down. However, try as he might old Teflon couldn’t quite get close enough.

Rob and James continued to battle, with Rob briefly taking 3rd, but not quite being able to hang onto it through the final lap. Manorhowze was in 2nd, having been held at arms length by Lee after the pit stops as he secured yet another great win.

So congratulations to Camdaz for securing the final qualifying spot behind Lee-ma (our group sub-champion), Manorhowze, James_m2603 and AshGraham99. All five had best do us proud in the finals, or I’ll be having words!

Group B

We were missing last week’s winner, Tonyyeb, this week but fortunately for him he had enough points that meant he had already qualified. However, for the drivers below him in the table this would be an important race, deciding who’d go through to the final.

Due to the new patch, the new voice chat restrictions came into place with people who have a lower connection rating being more limited on how many people they can hear over voice chat at one time. Although this sucked, it didn’t really affect the racing. Sir_J managed to grab pole with Stanley1664 coming in at second and Chuggy in at third.

The race started with a first corner incident up at the front with Sir_J in the middle bouncing off Chuggy and into Stanley causing Stanley and Sir_J to spin. Chuggy managed to continue though and Matty was now the race leader. It wasnt long before Matty put a wheel in the gravel slowing him down enough for Chuggy to overtake.

Meanwhile, lower down the field, Sir_J had got close enough to Spoofer to be able to activate his DRS down the straight. Unfortunately this didn’t turn out as he planned and he managed to spin into the barrier. Spoof didn’t get off too lightly though as he had a bit of trouble in the next corner due to him laughing at Sir_J’s incident!

Up front Stanley had put his head down and managed to drive like a champion, making his way from last position up to first. Stanley managed to hold onto his lead and win the race giving him the same amount of points as Matty but due to Stanley achieving a win, Stanley managed to get that important 5th position that promoted him to the finals.

As usual, we have a video from Chuggy.

Group C

The final group round of the F1 championship had quite a low turnout but that didn’t stop it from being an exciting race with three different leaders! Qualifying started with Freezebug looking very strong following some practices, immediately jumping to the top with a 1.26.6 followed closely by Kamikaze a few tenths back. Jambo (myself) was in third with Tom in fourth. I then managed a lap that I don’t think it would be possible for me to beat, doing a 1.26.0. Freeze noticed this and returned to the pits to get new tyres to have a go at beating it. However in doing so he missed the pitlane and reversed on track, giving himself a 20 place penalty! This left the top three as myself, Kamikaze and Tom.

The race got off to a clean start with me leading, followed closely by Kamikaze and Tom. Things were going well till the end of lap one, where contact between Tom and Snake put Snake to the back of the field. At the same time Freeze was carefully moving up through the pack, confident of his pace.

Things stayed the same between myself and Kamikaze for most of the first few laps the gap rising and lowering and we came to the pitstop with myself having a 2 second lead. David was now up to third but was to lose this to Freeze who pitted a lap later.

Further back Flippin had made a mistake at the hairpin allowing Snake back past in the battle for 5th in the championship. Tom then broke his wing causing him to pit for a second time and in turn moving Snake up another position. David then clipped the pit entrance wall destroying his car and taking him out of a strong fourth position.

Up front I had a terrible outlap from the pits losing a tonne of time to Kamikaze he got past but by then I had settled down and had got back past, at this point we had a six second lead over Freeze but this was to get reduced massively. Coming down to the chicane Kamikaze was on the outside and broke a little later than me. I had the inside line but in the middle of the chicane there was contact, causing me to go out onto the grass. Kamikaze, being gentlemanly, allowed me the position back but in doing so was not paying attention to the track and he then hit the pit wall, losing 2nd place and a lot of time.

By the time we crossed the line that lap Freeze had reduc ed the gap from over 6 seconds to under 2 and the race was on. Over the next lap I saw that Freeze was a lot faster and on the penultimate lap I moved over, intending to follow his lines and see where I was strong. However despite me being very strong in the middle sector there was nothing I could do about Freezes pace and I had to settle for second, so all in all a well deserved win for Freeze from last on the grid and well done to everyone who made it through!

Remember you can catch up on the results tables in the forums over here and take a look at the videos recorded from our drivers over here. You can also see the current results tables over on the next page.

Thank you to everyone who has raced in the championship and good luck to the finalists! The date and time for the final will be confirmed in the forum and also emailed to each of the finalists and look out for voting in the forum as we have a trophy to give away for a driver with the most votes.

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  1. Ha, I started 2nd yo! Then got beaten up at the start and fell down. Video later today with some pretty funny stuff!

  2. Shame I had to miss the final round but as reported I knew I was safe, thankfully! Anyone who fancies some 50% Brazil practice should put their name down for tonight’s 7pm meet.

  3. Congrats to all the qualifier’s and thanks to everyone in Group A who all made the races fun, yes even you Tef :}

  4. Congrats to all the qualifiers but also thanks to everyone in the groups too as its been fun racing with all of you along the way in races or practices.

  5. Should be a great final, as there are so many people in there that could potentially win it. I think everyone that took part in the qualifiers enjoyed their group apart from one or two that were very unlucky in the races with regular incidents.

    • like me :P Congrats to all the finalists and GRoup C to get top 5 !!

      • Yeah, I was surprised at how unlucky you especially, and others were with all of the times that you got hit off track and the perpetrators got away penalty free, due to the games dumb dick penalty system!

  6. Good luck to everyone that qualified for the final, it’s been an amazing championship to be a part of :D

    Can’t wait to hear about how epic the race around the brilliant Brazilian circuit is, got a feeling that Group A’s entrants will take some stopping ;)

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