GAME Confident About Future of Business

On news that GAME Groups share prices have fallen dramatically over the last year and that the company is expected to make a loss of £10 million, CEO of GAME Group, Ian Shepard, has defended the company in an interview with MCV.

It is very easy to look at any retailer on the High Street and write an apocalyptic headline. Our market share is high and growing. GAME is very important to the overall health of the video games industry.

We are also a strongly cash generative business. Even with the guidance we have given now, where industry analysts are concluding that we will probably make a loss this year. Even in that circumstance we will still generate operating cash flow.

And cash is king.

GAME Group has blamed a lack of consumer confidence in the market due to the economic uncertainty people are currently facing.


On top of that, some have suggested that the company hasn’t done enough to keep up with market trends and is falling behind the pack. Ian Shepard denied such allegations.

I reject the idea that GAME is not doing new things. If you come into this business, you will see a whole bunch of people working incredibly hard to grow new revenue streams.

Our performance within the market I will hold up against anybody else.

Do you believe GAME has done enough to keep up with competitors, and so be around for a while or is the company on its last legs?



  1. One thing pops into my head when I think of Game – “I can get it cheaper elsewhere”

    • Exactly.There excuse of ‘lack of consumer confidence’ holds no merit. What they actually mean is that everyone is undercutting them and buying online. Why would you even look at Game if they price cod at £45 and you can get it at tesco for £25 with a £25 psn voucher. Their are just like print media, they have to adapt to an ever expanding online trend or die a slow and painful death. I favour death in GAME’s situation.

    • So true Brendan, it’s a big part of why I don’t even go through the door these days.

      Personally, I have also heard a lot more bullshit and lies sold to ill educated parents (in gaming terms) in Game stores than others. Which is unforgivable.

  2. “I reject the idea that GAME is not doing new things. If you come into this business, you will see a whole bunch of people working incredibly hard to grow new revenue streams.”

    I presume he is talking about the overall business rather than the stores themselves, as i never see people working incredibly hard in those! Unless it’s pushing pre-owned sales, which they are forced to do by management i believe.

    Not complaining about it, but Game need to SHOW that they are making the right moves, not just TELL us that they are. I believe the phrase is ‘put up or shut up’.

  3. The only think I have noticed new in GAME this year is the sale of PSN games via a credit card type thing. The stores havnt changed one bit and if anything the website has got worse.

  4. Whether I shop at a GAME store always depends on if I have anything to trade in. Whilst their prices are sky-high, I always find they offer a lot of store-credit to make up for it.

    Their website on the otherhand is awesome in my opinion. Most pre-ordered games arrive a couple of days before release date, they always have some great bargains on there for when I fancy buying a sub-£10 game and they offer free 2-day delivery on everything. Hard to fault it really (except the horrible layout…)

    • Prefer Shopto when it comes to online. Free 1st class on everything.

      • Shopto are simply awesome – It still baffles me how i can place an order at 17:00/17:30 & it be on my doormat the next day.

        I suspect deals with the devil. Which i am ok with.

      • That’s crazy, might have to try them out myself…

  5. Game and Gamestation waste too much space in their store trying to push pre-ordering. Whilst I know its money in the bank but when I go into the store to find once again that the new games section is limited to 2 poxy shelves and there’s a ton of empty space – why do I then think “Im not surprised” go home and order it online instead. It’s a sad state of affairs that my local HMV has a much larger and broader new games collection that the gaming specialist stores.

  6. Game are actually quite good with pricing nowadays, no more expensive than many other places, and they give better trade in (at the Metro Centre anyway) than Gamestation (who are quite frankly thieves).

    • See this surprises me as they are both part of the Game group of stores – If i do a comparison between my local Game & the local Gamestation, 9 times out of 10 their prices are identical these days (both on retail & trade).

    • yeah they do usually have the same prices now, although i still haven’t used either of them (or anyone infact) for trade-ins

    • see ive had the opposite experiance from you again at the metro centre. GAME are never intrested, blue mall one anyway. example, i got a quote from gamestation for my trade, but they do a promotion on there new releases where if i trade 2 games in (on the format) i get an extra £5 off the title. game would match the trade but not the deal. YET gamestation said they would match GAME’s £4.99 offers when you trade a select game, and still honour the £5 off if i had the extra game.

      so to me its GAME who are the theives. gamestation even give you loyalty points for trade ins. not just your purchases. game dont.

  7. I used to work in GAME but now work in Gamestation (Pretty much the same thing I know). Price isn’t usually an issue with customers, it’s mainly the fact that we need to try to upsell to every single customer who comes in while having to mention all the services and promotions we are doing. It’s starting to become a bit too ‘corporate’ for a video games retailer, rather than laid back, and having a nice chat etc.

    • it depends how you put it accross mate.
      i dont mine promo offers that game/gamestation do. when i was buying a game a few weeks back they had dead island i think it for £19.99 when bought with the launch title. i thought that was an epic offer and i took them up on it.
      to me that seems like the better way to get some extra money off me, offer me a game for less that i may not have picked up yet when im buying a game i clearly wanted. forget about strat guides if im stuck youtube and gamefaq’s are king not a book that costs silly money.

  8. Maybe I’m a dying breed, in this age of digitalism I prefer to buy games in physical cases, and as my choices are hmv (rip off) gamestation or game, ill pick game every time.

    • You’re not a dying breed. I like my games in cases and on discs. I just prefer to buy them online where it’s a lot cheaper.

    • I’m with you on this one, I much prefer physical goods and almost always buy from a store, the exception is when I’m after a hard to get collectors edition in which case I use eBay.

    • Gamestation and CEX for me, Game Northampton is shockingly poor imo. Disinterested, unprofessional and unknowledgeable staff, meagre trade in prices and too fat a markup on said trade ins for me.

      I usually do my trade ins for cash at CEX, then go up the street to Gamestation to pick up whatever new title it is I’m after that day.

  9. they have had some quite good offers online recently, picked up LA Noire for £11 brand new yesterday

  10. I’ve stopped using GAME out of principle now after Space Marine is still not available on Steam, and Saints Row the Third shows no signs of appearing on there soon because of GAME’s threats to stop stocking THQ games unless this happened. If GAME want to sell games instead of people buying them on Steam then they should compete on price, at least through their own download service. If they can’t then maybe they should get out of that market.

    • Here, here. Competition not protectionism.

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