PS3 / Vita Remote Play Locked To PSP Resolution

Remember this story back in September? We reported then that rumours were circling regarding Vita’s ability to Remote Play any PlayStation 3 title.

In fact, there was a video (linked above) of Killzone 3 running on the handheld.


Remote Play is Sony’s wrapper for streaming video and audio one way and controller input the other, meaning that as long as the PS3 is running and online the portable, once synced, would be able to ‘play’ any game inserted.

It currently works like this now on the PSP, although support is very limited and on a game by game basis.

However, assuming our earlier story holds true, a post on Eurogamer suggests that Vita’s Remote Play will be limited to the PSP’s 480 x 272 resolution, and scaled upwards.

There’s no source to Eurogamer’s story, sadly, so it’s tricky to be totally sure, but this seems like something of a disappointment to us.

Apparently a firmware update for the PS3 will be required.



  1. Makes sense really, you want to keep the resolution small enough to stream effectively and then have the grunt of the vita to up-scale and stream back as little as possible to have a smooth gameplay experience

    • Yeah, I guess so. Still, if this is what it takes to be able to play any PS3 game on the move then so be it. It’s better than having a superb looking image on the Vita but it being an unplayable mess

    • I think it’s more of an issue with the processing power available to the system after the game has taken its share. Sending a bigger image (if you have the connection to handle it) will need more processing power on the PS3 side, which is already busy running the game.
      If it was only a bandwith issue it would make sense to allow it to scale between full Vita resolution and as far down as you could while still keeping it playable.

  2. This is a shame, but perhaps it only applies online? The PSP remote play can be adjusted to compensate for lag, maybe similar options will appear on the PSV so you can crank up the res when you’re on wifi, then down for 3G?

  3. It says the update users to play ALL games at psp resolution, and developers can support 480p if the can be bothered to. Optimisation issues most likely. Skyrim in bed, FTW!

  4. Sounds like the remote play-thing could become the source of much frustration and disappointment.

    I feel confident in my decision to skip the whole margarine Vita experience.

  5. Hopefully this won’t be too bad. I’ll probably only play my PSN games remotely anyway, especially as you can’t change disc.

    • Thats the only annoyance, but if there’s someone home you could always text and ask nicely..? that’s what I’d do… The thing that gets me is the system has to be running, so a remote on/off switch would be essential instead of leaving it on all day/weekend

  6. Over 3G this does make sense. Over wifi, not so much!

  7. Hope this works well, and the resolution stays at a solid 480×272 as I think that could be perfectly acceptable for streaming video while out and about.

  8. This will be good if it works perfectly,esp without lag

  9. It states on EG that the 480×272 resolution is only for old/existing games.

    “For future games, developers will be able to include Vita specific 480p modes, Eurogamer understands.”

  10. Dude, PSP resolution is for old, existing games. New games should support a Vita specific 480p mode.

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