Trailer Trio For Dynasty Warriors NEXT

With the PlayStation Vita less than a month away (christ, already?) Tecmo KOEI has lined up a triple bill for the next instalment in its flagship franchise, Dynasty Warriors NEXT. From what’s on show, the game hasn’t strayed very far from the series’ trademark hack n’ slash gameplay formula, it’s still about the one-against-many huge scale battles situated in ancient China.


That said there are a couple of new modes including Romance Mode (essentially a cinematic take on Story Mode) as well as the Empires-inspired Conquest Mode. Co-operative play is also supported for up to four players with a number of DLC weapons from Dynasty Warriors 7 also being made available.

Dynasty Warriors NEXT will be available from December 17th, an EU/US version of the game likely to release side-by-side with Sony’s new handheld when it launches overseas next year.

Source: Koei Warriors