Dynasty Warriors NEXT Confirmed To Be NEXT For PS Plus

Tecmo Koei has confirmed that Dynasty Warriors NEXT for PlayStation Vita will join PlayStation Plus in Europe for the month of February.



This confirms an earlier leak that that game would join the service alongside ModNation Racers on Vita and Metro Last Light and Bioshock Infinite on PlayStation 3. Those games have yet to be confirmed but we expect an announcement from Sony quite soon.

Jim reviewed Dynasty Warriors NEXT and gave it a more than respectable 7/10. He said the title “marks a hike in quality for the series’ branch of portable titles, which are now almost on par with their console counterparts.”

PlayStation 4 gamers will be getting their hands on Outlast, an indie horror game that is guaranteed to put the willies up you.

Source: Twitter



  1. So there is hope for resistance burning skies, my one trophy platinum is needed

    • Im guessing you rented it too and just need the MP trophy ;)

    • Resistance: BS was down to just £4 in the HMV yellow sticker event…

      • Dude, you tell me now, smh lol

  2. Come on, BioShock Infinite!

    • That would be awesome, but I’m hoping for GTA V otherwise I’ll be disappointed!

  3. Almost bought this on sale 2 weeks ago.

  4. Whilst I’m slightly parched for games on my shiny PS4, I will not be downloading Outlast. It looks shoot scary, not my type of game.

  5. ‘Willies’ mentioned in an article = Tuffcub authoring

  6. Good stuff, Dynasty Warriors Next got some pretty good reviews when it came out. Been a bit disappointed with the Vita content over the past few months so got some high hopes for this :)

  7. I’ll look forward to it.

  8. All 4 rumoured titles coming – see the link below lifted from the Sony site!

    (DW: Next, Bioshock Infinite, Metro:LL & ModNation)

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