Get Ready For Horror On The Go As Outlast Franchise Heads To Switch In Early 2018

Red Barrels has confirmed that the Outlast franchise will be heading to the Nintendo Switch in early 2018, so you can be terrified on the go. Outside of that announcement Red Barrels also had a few other things to clarify. First of all there will be no DLC for Outlast 2 due to the nature of game’s narrative. On the flip side the studio has stated that an Outlast 3 will be made eventually to give answers.

There was a teaser announcement too where Red Barrels has stated it is working on something many have asked for, with this project also being set in the Outlast universe. It is a big project but details on what it entails will not be released until the studio is sure that the idea will work in practice. If things go well then news will follow soon.

Source: Facebook

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