Outlast 2 Releases On 28th April, Coming To Retail With Outlast Trinity

With the first Outlast having ridden the crest of the wave of the recent horror game revival, there’s bound to have been a fair bit of anticipation over the fully fledged sequel. After being delayed a couple times, it’s now been confirmed for release on 28th April for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Not only that, but Warner Bros. are helping to bring the games to retail in Outlast Trinity on the same day. This will bundle together the first game, its Whistleblower prequel expansion and Outlast 2


Outlast 2 follows Blake Langermann, a cameraman, and his wife, who are hot on the trail of clues from a seemingly impossible murder. The death of an unnamed pregnant lady leads them out into the Arizona desert where, as you can imaging, all kinds of terrors are to be visited upon them.

The last trailer we saw for the game came out almost a year ago, as a mere teaser, with a demo of the game made available for a while during the middle of last year.

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  1. Yay! About time. If it’s as terrifying as the original (and the demo suggests it is), I can’t wait. I shall stock up on clean pants.

  2. Excellent..! Very much looking forward to this, hope my expectations are not too high.

  3. After RE7 I fear no game. Can’t wait to play this.

  4. I do hope they make this for PSVR though. Without it RE7 will still be 1,000,000 x better.
    The VR adds such immersion that it becomes more than a game. It’s actually you and your life on the line, your choices to make.

    After playing RE7 in VR and loving every second of it, ….playing it outside of VR (even on my glorious huge 4k TV with HDR) is very flat. Quite literally. For this type of game VR is the only way I want to play from now on.

    I LOVED the first Outlast, but that was before any of us had played RE7 in VR. That’s the new pinnacle of horror for me.

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